Why Pick Between Academics & Sports? Check Out India’s First School For Student Athletes

Are you raising a mini sports star but are you worried that he/she will have to either pick sport or academics later on? Today on KSP Radio, we spoke to Kunal Maria, a sportsman and an entrepreneur who finds the right harmony between sports and academics. Listen to the podcast and find out how he creates the perfect ecosystem, what it takes to be a student-athlete, why it is important to balance academics and about his upcoming school, Corvus American Academy.

All of us like the idea of raising a child who loves sports. It would make my day if my daughter is the next Saina Nehwal for the nation. I know that it isn’t that easy and this journey comes with a lot of tough decisions when it comes to right nutrition, how much sleep should he/she get and more. The biggest one that I fear – “Will my child feel pressurized and will he/she have to give up a lot?”.

It isn’t easy but it is very important to make well-informed decisions. It is one thing to dream big but it is another thing to ensure harmony in the family. 

Today, on KSP Radio, we speak to Kunal Maria about how he achieved it all. He went to one of the best schools in Mumbai, appeared for the IB while he was playing basketball for the state, played for the nation as well, studied law, went to the US for further education and now he is back with a sports and academics academy – Corvus American Academy. 

He talks to us about what it takes to be a Student-Athlete, why it is important to never let go of education, the skills it takes to be a successful pro-athlete and how to create the write eco-system between school and sports. Listen to the podcast and find out how he is changing the future generation Student Athlete’s future through his school and what a day in Corvuss American Academy looks like. 

Here are some key takeaways from the podcast:

1.28 – About Kunal Maria

2.20 – Kunal Maria as a studenet athlete

8.39 – Why a degree is important when you are an athlete

12.23 – How to harmonize sports and education 

14.50 – A life of a student athlete

16.15 – Core skills to raise a student athlete

20.46 – About Covus American Academy 

25.12 – Why AP over other international program 

26.25 – Covus curriculum – which countries will recognize the degree

27.03 – Who is Corvus Academy for 

34.29 – A day like for a student in Corvus American Academy

Visit the website for more information: Corvus American Academy


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