Why You Need To Travel With Kids More

In a conversation with HT Lifestyle, Mansi Zaveri reveals why it is important to travel with kids and all the advantages it has. Read here!

The holidays are going to begin and you know what that means- it’s time to travel with the family. Travelling with kids especially is important. Because in this way they get to learn so many things and you get to spend that precious time with them which otherwise doesn’t happen due to work and other responsibilities. Plus, it’s a great experience to travel with kids!

There are many more advantages of travelling with kids or rather why you should travel often with kids. We will go about them here.

Why Is It Important To Travel With Kids?

Mansi Zaveri, Parenting Expert and Founder and CEO of Kidsstoppress, in a conversation with HT Lifestyle, says:

“There’s just so much that kids (and we) learn from a travel experience that no classroom can ever teach us. Ever since my kids were infants and toddlers, I have not compromised on travel and am happy I did that. It did come with its share of challenges, but what doesn’t? The biggest lesson for kids is to enjoy the experience, and to revel in the joy of discovering new things, new places and new people”

She further shared some amazing benefits of travelling with kids.

Here’s Why You Should Travel with Your Kids:

1. They Learn New Things And New Cultures First-Hand:

Ever since my kids read books about the Himalayas, they have wanted to see it first-hand. No amount of YouTube videos do justice to the beauty that is in the Himalayas, I promise!

2. They Learn Essential Values:

The more kids travel, the more they understand the world around them. They realise that life is a lot different than the comfortable 4 walls of their house. A sense of empathy, kindness, compassion and gratitude arises when they witness things for real. Would not miss out on this understanding, for anything! 

3. They Learn Useful Life Skills:

As much as they like to laze around in bed on weekend mornings, ignoring your wake-up calls, kids when given a chance learn to grab their opportunities. They are up and ready on their feet for that safari or hiking or boat ride that you have planned in your travel and drive you to get ready soon. 

4. They Learn To Blend With The Locals:

One of the biggest reasons I have never ever carried a pressure cooker or food for my kids on a trip(long or short) is because I want them to try the local cuisine. Black rice from Assam, pineapples from Meghalaya, amti and nariyali bhaat from the Konkan region or thukpa and khambir from Ladakh, the list that we have tried and enjoyed with the kids is endless! 

5. Helps Create Memories For A Lifetime:

I still remember the short holidays we used to go on as kids, to new places with my parents and siblings, even decades later! That is the kind of memories I want to create with my daughters. Years later, I want them to remember how we screamed when in the Giant Wheel in Dubai or gasped when we saw a stingray in the Maldives or stood frozen at the beauty of the white water at Ladakh!

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