Why Your Kids (And You) Will Enjoy The World Of Podcasts- Tried It Yet?

When I got introduced to the world of podcasting, I got obsessed. Here’s a list of podcasts you should introduce to yourself and kids!

Did you hear? Listening is the new reading! 

And that’s not just for the kids, but for adults too. I can’t recollect the number of times I have found myself giving excuses for not finding the time to sit down with a favourite book, but thankfully, in today’s times that doesn’t deprive me of my access to quality content. 

When I got introduced to the world of podcasting, I got obsessed with it, as I could absorb content on the go- during my morning walk or when I am busy with chores.  And as a parent, I couldn’t wait to introduce this to my children who were glued to books or apps all day and were on the lookout for a breather.

A few years ago, when I was walking my daughter to the bus stop, she asked me why shool busses were yellow in colour? Believe it or not, I didn’t know the answer. I knew there had to be a platform where I could keep kids engaged by feeding in knowledge and facts they are going to love! Boom. I knew podcasting was the way to go because, in a recent research,  it was said that audio education actually engages children’s imaginations more than video. By letting children use their occipital lobes (visual imaging) to create images, rather than processing incoming visual information from a video—it literally helps unlock their minds.

Did you know Podcasting also…

  • boosts listening skills
  • enhances imagination skills
  • develops communication skills
  • teaches active listening skills
  • increases vocabulary
  • satisfies curiosity and thirst for knowledge
  • helps foster a love for reading, and more. 

P.S: Parents – if you think you need to get hands on a few podcasts that will help you – we’ve got you covered. From podcasts on parenting to health – this can be your 4 AM buddy that will answer all your queries. All you need to do is plug in your headphones! 

So, How Do I Get Children Started & Hooked On To Podcasting?

We recommend incorporating it in the morning or night routine. Pick a podcast of their interest and something that would keep them engaged. As Andre Agassi said, rules without relationships results in rebellion, similarly, I don’t believe in introducing this as a punishment. It has to be enjoyed by a family, as a whole! It is said that listening to podcasts together, makes children learn more!

Whether we’re in the car or at home making dinner, listening to podcasts with my kids has become a treasured way to spend time together. From diving into storytelling podcasts that tickle our imaginations to opting for educational episodes that open new worlds, we’ve found a little something for everyone in our search for family-friendly podcasts.

Here are just a few of the great benefits of listening to podcasts together as a family:

  • Podcasts are entertaining, and you may never know which conversations it may stir. 
  • Listening encourages conversations! And it is the best way to hear, and put your opinion across. 
  • And the best part is, you could do this anywhere!

5 Top Podcasts Your Children Will Love On I Am Not Bored, Kidsstoppress.

Please note: We are very proud to announce that we have over 300+ episodes on I Am Not Bored – Kidsstoppress Podcast for kids, and we are ranked no.14 on Apple Podcasts! You can subscribe to KSP Radio on Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, and Spotify. 

Tricky Riddles For Your Genius Kids (With Answers!)

Riddles are the best way to interact with your kid and it sharpens their brain. This interactive session on #KSPRadio, I am bored with your children will not only push them to think further but will also build confidence and improve their communication skills. 

Tune in now and see how many riddles your child can answer!

Shark Facts

On this I Am Not Bored, KSP Radio, we are talking about a creature older than even the trees – sharks. Listen to this podcast and your kids will surely get goosebumps in the beginning but the fun facts will make them fall in love with sharks right away. 

How Does The Rain Form, And What Is The Water Cycle 

This KSPRadio is all about the rain and the water cycle. We share with you reasons why it is important to rain and everything you need to know about the water cycle. We break up the steps so they can understand the process better. What’s amazing is that that there is a short pop-up quiz at the end of the podcast – this could be a great way to show off their knowledge with their friends. 

Your kids would surely not sing ‘Rain Rain Go Away’ Now!

Afghanistan – Taliban Crisis: Everything You Need To Know 

With the Pakistan-backed ultra-conservative Taliban seizing Kabul by force on August 15, there is chaos in the country. Desperate to flee Afghanistan thousands of people thronged Kabul’s airport on Monday after the attacks. 

But if you are wondering, why should you be talking to your children about this? How will this impact their life?

We must talk to our children about what is happening in the world. While it adds more to their knowledge, they will understand and stand for humanity in such difficult times. They will also understand the true meaning of freedom, women’s rights, and more! 

Interesting Facts About Mahatma Gandhi | Father Of The Nation 

Here we share facts that are about Gandhiji and his movements. Listen to this podcast and find out how many days he went without eating, how many miles he walked in the Dandi March, the name of his autobiography, and the many names he has. 

5 Podcasts Parents Will Love on Kidsstoppress Podcasts

Tips To Raise A Picky Eater

From, “If you don’t eat your food, you won’t get to play!” to “Please eat something. I’ll make whatever you want,” most parents have been through it all!

The struggles are the same for every mom but it’s a very common problem. 

Listen to this podcast to know how to deal with picky eaters because we understand that getting your child to eat nutritious food can be very frustrating. Just remember the ongoing arguments at home about food can actually reinforce your child’s pernickety eating habits—especially if you’re raising a strong-willed child. Remember to pick your battles!

Wondering How To Parent Your Child In A Joint Family?

Dr. Zirak Marker, a Child Psychiatrist, Expert Educational Psychology, Mpower Minds about Indian homes and how it gets very difficult to strike the balance. We don’t want the in-laws to get annoyed but we want the kids to understand that there are restrictions in place.

He talks to us about:

  • Finding the mid path with your in-laws
  • How not to let the kids manipulate the adults around

and more

Listen to this podcast if you want to know how to talk to your in-laws and your children without upsetting the balance, Dr Marker makes some excellent points.

How To Keep Kids Safe On Instagram (Expert Advice)

Mansi Zaveri of Kidsstoppress along with Tara Bedi, Head of Public Policy, Instagram India went live to launch Instagram’s Parenting Guide for India. They spoke about:

  • What is the right age to let your kids get on Instagram?
  • How can we protect them on social media?
  • What are the safety tools Instagram has in place to protect our kids?

and lots more

If you are a parent to a teenager who has been asking for social media or know of a parent who is in that boat, then you should definitely watch the video on how to keep your kids safe online & update yourself in ways so that you can actually be of help to your children. 

How To Improve Breast Milk Supply Naturally (Storage Tips Included)

Mansi Zaveri of Kidsstoppress chatted with Anupama Kumar Vijayanand, a Childbirth & Pregnancy Health Educator. Anupama has recently delivered her 2nd baby and she talked to us about a number of things – things that a lot of breastfeeding moms think or have to deal with.

So if you have all these questions running through your head and need some answers, head over and listen to this podcast. If you have questions that you would like answered, talk to us in the comments below and we will try and get them answered. 

Andre Agassi On Parenting & Education 

Andre Agassi talks to us about life, parenting and what he thinks about education. We see humility, commitment, and power when he talks to us. Tune in and watch Andre Agassi talk to us about his commitment towards education, why it is so important to him and about the 85 schools under his Charter School Facility Fund and about Square Panda.

Write to us on [email protected] and tell us which topics you would want to see on Kidsstoppress Podcasts.

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