Will Our Kids See The Inside Of A School This 2021?

As 2021 continues to mirror 2020, we’re almost back in lockdown 2.0. Here’s what moms think about the education scenario for our children.

As 2021 continues to mirror 2020, we're almost back in lockdown 2.0. Before you go down the bored-in-the-house spiral, we need to address the elephant in the room. Kids haven't visited a physical school for more than a year. Parents have been everything to their children – their teachers, their friends, their playmates. It has been exhausting and I'm sure many agree that Online school is just not the same as attending physical school.

Earlier this year, I am sure everyone started planning to send their kids away to school – so they could claim their life and me-time. But it doesn't seem to happen anytime soon. So how are you going to survive this year?

Here's what some moms had to say when we asked them if their kids were going to see the inside of a school in 2021:

  • Some said that it is very upsetting that our li'l ones won't see an inside of a pre-school and they are missing out on so much by being stuck indoors. 
  • While others are commenting that a temporary solution like online school has become the new normal. Going to school is a basic human right, which our kids don't have access to. 
  • There was another parent who commented that until 6 years old, school isn't necessary unless parents are busy and they live in a small apartment without much social interaction. In a joint family scenario or where a parent is actively teaching a child, you don't need a school to shape your child.

Learning is lost but what can parents do so they can give the best to their children.

Tips On How To Keep Kids Engaged 

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We asked moms on Instagram, if they think their kids are going to see the inside of a school. 

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