Wonder Foods All Moms Should Carry When They Are Travelling

Travelling with kids is stressful and finding things to eat that they will enjoy can get difficult. so keeping my snacks in your travel snack bag that the kids will enjoy and that won’t spoil easily will go a long way to making life easier and your holiday more enjoyable.
Being a Gujarati I am quite used to the jokes on how Gujjus carry their food world along with them just about everywhere. But the truth is these foods were actually made for moms to travel with kids and they are packed with nutrition. They are made to be literally eaten ‘kabhi bhi kahin bhi‘. You may laugh joke or make fun but the fact is your parents carried them and chances are if you are a parent you always carry them on a long trip or a short one.
A 24-hour flight or a short road trip, Gujju or not, I know you will carry these irrespective if you have a kid on board.  We would love to know what you are packing in your snack bag before your holidays. Don’t forget to tag us using #mommytraveldiaries. Scroll down to read the article right away! 
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