“Working Makes Me A Happier Person & My Son Knows This”, Confesses This Mom

Kidsstoppress features a series of successful entrepreneurs in the parenting and childcare segment- the ones who have worked hard to help establish a brand that is helping parents in #SimplifyingParenting and living their dreams.

Kidsstoppress will feature a series of successful entrepreneurs in the parenting and childcare segment- the ones who have worked hard to establish a brand that is helping parents in #SimplifyingParenting and living their dreams.

How do they do it? What is their inspiration? What prompts them to cater to the littlest of their customers in a way that creates an impact? We ask them all of this- that will help inspire fellow moms to think big and follow their footsteps into the world of business and passion. Scroll down to read more about these successful mompreneurs in our exclusive #MomBoss series. 

This week, Diana Fernandes, the founder of  Bloomingdale Public Relations tells us her story of what it takes to be a successful mompreneur. 

It isn't often that we find our calling at the first attempt. After an MBA in HR and Marketing and a stint at diverse roles in a firm, Diana joined hands with her mom at her corporate gifting business. But PR was her calling and she relied on her gut and it paid off. The idea to take the next step was born. 

She started her company, Bloomingdale Public Relations, out of her home. First, it was out of her living room, then the bedrooms and soon they moved to a bigger place. She took the slow and steady approach and believes that her strength is that she is hands-on about everything she does – be it at home or at work.  Bloomingdale Public Relations Pte. Ltd. is a full-service Public Relations & Digital Marketing company with presence in India, Singapore and Dubai.

But to start something from scratch- is sure to come with its own share of difficulties. But Diana, who seeks inspiration from her mom, says "I am raised by a lioness, I know how to roar!". She never saw her struggles as hurdles, made sure she never changed her perception about her work when she was pregnant and kept going right after she gave birth. 

Should pregnancy deter one's career and dreams? Definitely not. That's what Diana believes in too. She continued to work throughout her pregnancy and right after birth. She called her client just before her C-section to discuss work stuff.  She was out and about at an event for work when her child was 30 days old, breaking all the 40-day rule norms. This is not all. She makes it to every school event, drops and picks her child up from school and is emotionally available at all times. Her biggest strength was that she never saw her pregnancy as a hurdle and she never looked at herself differently. This attitude and strength allowed her to grow her business without any hiccups. 

As an entrepreneur,  she does what it takes to expand her business. "As a mom, I know my priorities for my child but if I skip out on one thing, there is no room for guilt." There is no textbook route to succeed as a mom and as an entrepreneur says, Diana. She told her son, "Bloomingdale is my first baby, and you are my second". 

So how does she do it?

We asked her if it is tough to stay organized and find a balance that works for her family? "Not at all because I have my priorities and schedule in place,"  she says. She wakes up at 5 AM on most days and she gets organized for work, she plans the entire day for herself and her son among other chores before her son wakes up. "I like to seize the day." She mentions that for her, there is no distinction between a weekday and weekend. She works every day, just like she spends time with her child every day. "Managing your business is just like raising a baby"

She is a product of her mom's experiences. She struggles and hustles, just like her mom, to get more clients and business every day. She tells us, "How can I complain, when my mom, till date does this when she has a perfectly set corporate gifting business?" She tells us that her mom's dedication to work has always been an inspiration. "She did it all and raised us- her kids just fine."

We quiz her about clients perceive moms with strong career aspirations. Are we branded? Diana begs to differ. "My clients never looked at me as a mom, a work from home mom or someone who is trying to juggle. I compartmentalize my day to the best of my ability and don't mix both".  And how does she achieve this, we ask. Diana's logic is simple and straight-forward. "I take each day as it comes and just like her, I am ready to give my 100% in all that I do". 

"Working makes me a happier person and my son knows that". She urges all moms to leave the guilt behind and follow their calling. It would only make our children stronger, responsible and more independent individuals. She also mentions that as a mom, it is our responsibility to help other moms to come out of their shell and become who they want to be. There is no shame in being a working or a stay-at-home mom. 

"Yes, you have to put in a lot of hard work, yes – you have to be organized, yes – the juggle can get exhausting – but the future just gets brighter each day." 


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What Bloomingdale Public Relations does:

  • Bloomingdale Public Relations was incorporated in India in 2013 and 5 years later, they set up a base in Singapore with an aim to tap the APAC market.
  • Their focus areas are Public Relations, Influencer Marketing, Digital Advertising, Thought Leadership, Social Media, Content and Creatives.

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