You Are Not Just A Housewife…

Just a housewife? Oh boy you are way more than that! Don’t bog yourself down. You are the profession that breathes life into all the other professions.

In India, the majority of women give up their jobs either after they get married or have kids. But giving up work doesn’t reduce the work load by a cent! On the contrary, life becomes more tedious. Home, chores, husband, kids, In-laws, relatives- ugh! We have to take care of everything.

Yet when someone asks, “what do you do?” we say, “I’m just a housewife…”

‘Just’? Running the whole house and handling so many worlds, and yet that is how we choose to describe ourselves? Nonsense! We are not just housewives, we are housemakers. Some are doctors, some are engineers and some are office workers, but they exist only because of us. We are moms, wives and daughters. Don’t belittle yourself just because you don’t earn a monthly stipend. It is because of you that other jobs exist.

Sadhguru often has very insightful and sensible thoughts on various aspects in life. In one of the Interviews, he addressed this thought too!

I hope this has helped to make you feel proud of yourself if you are a housewife, and if you are a working mom, share this with your friend who isn’t a working mom and sometimes feels a little lost.

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