Your Chance To E-Meet Ruskin Bond + Other Popular Indian Authors In Children’s Literature

Neev Literature Festival in its 4th year is one such popular platform that helps find and showcase children’s books that tell them about stories with Indian characters and places.

At KSP Book Club, over the years we have always maintained that our kids need to be introduced to a diet of both Indian and International author books. It's great when they read all about Enid Blyton's adventure stories or the magic of Hogwarts, but there is something about our cultural roots that they miss on, when they don't read stories penned by desi authors. 

Be it an age-wise curated list or our year-end bestseller list, we make it a point to add in some of our favourite Indian authors in the children's literature space. And we are delighted that there are many platforms today in the children's literary world that celebrate and recognise talented Indian authors! 

Neev Literature Festival in its 4th year is one such popular platform that helps find and showcase children's books that tell them about stories with Indian characters and places. This year, the festival is planned on 25th September, where participants can register and e-meet some of their favourite authors over various sessions that are planned. 


3.05 p.m. –Keynote conversation between Ruskin Bond and Kavita Gupta Sabharwal, Co-founder and curator, Neev Literature Festival

3.50-4.15 pm: Books that speak to young children (Early years category) featuring Lavanya Karthik (Cat, Come Back); Sarah Paul (Cat’s Diwali ); Vinitha R,  (Ammu and the Sparrows); Lalita Iyer, (Thatha's Pumpkin); CG Salamander (Moodunnit )

4.20-4.45 pm: Growing boundaries: relationships, neighbourhoods and questions (Emerging readers category) featuring Harshikaa Udasi, author of Friends Behind Walls; Varsha Seshan, author of The Clockwala's Clues; Arefa Tehsin, author of The Chirmi Chasers; Nandini Nayar, author of Mini's Questions; Nandita da Cunha, author of The Miracle on Sunderbaag Street

4.50-5.15 pm: Distilling myths, history, and little-known realities (Junior readers category) featuring AB Majmudar, author of The Torchbearers; Anupam Arunachalam, author of Young Pandavas: The City of Elephants; Aparna Karthikeyan, author of No Nonsense Nandhini; Deepa Agarwal, author of Journey to a Forbidden City; Nandita Basu, author of The Piano: Story of a Friendship; Devika Cariapa, who wrote a version of The Adventures of the Kohinoor for children.

5.20-5.45 pm: Coming of age stories (Young adult category) featuring Devashish Makhija, author of Oonga;  Devika Rangachari, author of Queen of Earth; Anitha Murthy, author of The Teenage Diary of Razia Sultan; Vibha Batra, author of The Secret Life of Debbie G ; Paro Anand, author of Nomad's Land; Anita Roy, author of Gravepyres School for the Recently Deceased.

You can register for the festival here.


So your kids (and you) can come face to face with some of the best names that have entertained you over the past couple of years with their writing and watch the legend Ruskin Bond LIVE in their keynote conversation, The jury, consists of 4 educators – Colin Kelman, Dr. Anuradha Ruhil Barua, Dr. Dhooleka Raj and Dr. Myra Garces-Bacsal; 3 writers – Rasil Ahuja, Gita Vardarajan and Dr Kamakshi Murti and 2 teacherlibrarians – Katie Day and Nadine Bailey.

Here is a list of the various categories and contenders in each category for the awards. How many from here have your kids read?!

Go ahead and know more about the festival here and don't forget to sign up to be a part of it. 

Also, if you are raising a book worm, check out our curated and premium list of the best reads for your kids, as well as tips and tricks to converting a reluctant reader to a book lover- click here NOW! 



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