Your Guide To Last Minute Diwali Shopping For Kids

With just a few days away, here’s how you shop in style for your kids this Diwali. Try this mommy-recommended tips today!

The one question that pops up in every discussion among friends and family at this time- “Have you shopped for Diwali, yet?”

Given the options and varieties available in today’s market, it is honestly a mind-boggling task to shop for kids and adults, especially for an occasion. Online shopping has made life easy for parents, especially new moms, who find it tough to step out amidst the crowds. Browse through a list, add to cart, swipe your card and ta da! 

But how do you make that decision? What are the factors you keep in mind when choosing an occasion-wear for your kids? This has been the point of discussion among us moms at Kidsstoppress over the week and we wanted to share our tips and hacks with fellow moms. Don’t forget to shop for your favourites from our curated list right here for girls and boys. 

Take your time to choose: 

This one is a no-brainer. Take your time and go through the styles before you make your pick. The market is flooded with great options and even choosing the best from our curated list will be tough, we warn you! Go through the list patiently, if you are shopping online, and then add to cart. Use your travel time or other free time and keep shortlisting them before you make the final call. If you are shopping at stores, pick a time that isn’t too crowded so you can head there even with the kids so they feel involved. 

Look out for discounts:

Today’s online world, is flooded with coupon codes and discount options to lure the customers. Almost every week is a part of a ‘great sale’ and sale is on. Most sites offer cashback, offers on debit/credit cards and coupon codes at the time of checkout. Choose your option wisely.  Here is our video on how to shop right during the sale period.

Check for the fine lines in between:

Often we are enamoured by the product, that we miss reading the fine lines in between. Very few products come with a ‘non-refundable’ or a ‘no-returns’ policy. Make sure you avoid them, especially when shopping for kids. Also, most websites give you an estimate of the delivery date, so check it out before placing an order. Some premium brands take time to ship, so you must be careful to shop earlier, so there is a safe buffer period. If shopping at the stores, it is wise you don’t wait for a day or two before and do it slightly earlier. Especially when shopping for kids, make sure you try them out earlier and not save it for the D-day. We know a thing or two well about kids and their tantrums! 

Comfort is the key: 

Yes, agreed, it is a special occasion. Your usual, sombre clothes have no place in these days. But don’t go overboard with complex designs and fancy fabric, especially for kids. You don’t want your Diwali photoshoots with angry and irritant kids! Brands today, have understood this, and make comfortable clothes, keeping in mind, the ethnic and fancy factor as well. And remember to shop wisely. Sustainable shopping is the buzzword today and rightly so. Go for good quality clothes that will last longer rather than buying inexpensive, mediocre ones that will give way quickly.

So, go ahead and shop for your kids like a pro, this Diwali. Happy shopping parents! And if you need help with curation, Kidsstoppress is here to help. Go through the links below and let us know if it helped you in the comments section: 

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