Your Kids Will Love These Tiny Time-Travellers As Pets!

Aqua Dragons are the coolest pets any child can own. Why? Because they’ve lived even with the dinosaurs! How awesome to have tiny time-travellers as pets!
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Looking for a toy that doubles up as your child’s best friend? A stress-reliever, someone to play with or to take their eyes away from the screen? I know what you’re probably thinking- pets!

Kids absolutely adore pets. They don’t mind spending hours and hours playing around and having fun with them. Having pets is proven to have positive effects on children’s mental health too. Pets are also a good way of teaching them how to be responsible (the goal we strive for). 

However, I know exactly what is on your mind… having a pet like a doggo or a cat, is like having another child. So, some parts of that responsibility would have to be borne by you too(actually most parts).

But, what if I told you there’s something that can be a toy and a pet at the same time and can be solely taken care of by your kid… what?! Yes, you heard that right! Aqua Dragons is exactly what you’re looking for. Read more about them on #FindItOnKSP.

What Are Aqua Dragons?

Aqua Dragons are live aquatic creatures that you can hatch and bring to life. I said toys because they are sold in toy shops as science experiments. Aqua Dragons are three-eyed, long-tailed, gracious funny little swimming animals from the crustacean family. Their eggs can be preserved in salt for long periods of time and hatched again once introduced into the water. How cool is that?!

With the Aqua Dragons basic kit, you get the eggs and everything you need to take care of these little magnificent creatures.

Why Will Kids Love Aqua Dragons?

  • These creatures have lived even with the dinosaurs! Whoa!
  • It’s a hassle-free process, within 24 hours your child will have their own pre-historic buddies.
  • They are easy to look after.
  • All instructions and requirements are mentioned in the kit.
  • If taken care of properly, they can live for up to 6 months, during which they would’ve already reproduced.
  • Your child can learn their life cycle and indulge in the world of science.
  • Your kids will always have these pre-historic friends. It seems unreal, but it’s true!

Why Do Parents Love Aqua Dragons?

Do your kids come home from school, throw their shoes and socks and launch themselves on the couch with their beloved phone or the idiot box? Have you been struggling with their screen-time limits? Do they care less about their stuff and ask you for every little thing

Aqua Dragons can change that:

  • Having pets makes them feel responsible for another life.
  • This makes them more mindful and more alert.
  • Aqua Dragons is a good start for this.
  • It even interests them in the fields of microbiology, history and even geography (time travel too).
  • It’s like having a piece of history with them! I’m sure they’ll find it super mind-blowing and will take care of them like a parent.
  • Price- Rs.1,150 onwards (a one time investment!)

The good news- It’s now available in India!

For more details check their website. Aqua Dragons

Follow them on Instagram: Aqua Dragons

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