#FindItOnKSP: Head To The Republic Of Zoofari -Petting Zoo For Kids In Delhi

if you’re a parent seeking to gift your child a celebration beyond the ordinary, /Republic of Zoofari awaits – where every celebration is a journey of joy, discovery, and giving back.

Looking for a special birthday party venue for your child or just want to spend the day outdoors with them having fun and making memories? We have found just the place for you. 40 minutes from Delhi, this might just be that unique place you are looking for to make your little one’s day special.

Republic of Zoofari is a petting zoo for children with more than just animals to see! It’s a great experience for kids (and adults) to connect with nature and enjoy the outdoors.

  • You will need to prebook your visit to the Republic of Zoofari to secure slots, as walk-ins are not allowed.
  • You can send them a direct message on their Instagram account or WhatsApp them.
  • You can get the kids to interact with animals like ducks, guinea pigs, roosters, goats and many others. Bonding with animals from a young age is a great way for them to get over their fear of animals and will help build empathy. The joy of holding a furry friend, and the excitement of discovering new things – these are the building blocks of memories that last a lifetime.
  • It has a small sand play area where the kids can have some fun once they are done playing with the animals. And a plant nursery where the kids can enjoy some gardening.
  • They also have a beautiful area for hosting birthday parties where you can have tailor-made decor for a truly unique celebration.  Birthday at Zoofari is more than a party; from themed decorations to personalized activities, the team at Zoofari ensures that each celebration reflects the uniqueness of your child. Each celebration there, by the way, supports various charities.

Zoofari stands out as a gem among Delhi’s entertainment options, offering a perfect blend of fun, and education

Make your next event truly special at Zoofari, where joy and purpose come together magically and share your experiences with us at [email protected]

Book by messaging them on WhatsApp or DM them on their Instagram page

Timings: 10 AM – 7 PM

Instagram: republicofzoofari

Website: Republic of Zoofari

Address: Farm No.2, Petting Zoo Mandi to Faridabad Road, Gaon, Near Bal Bhavan School, Mandi,New Delhi

Contact: 9289842886

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