Mom Boss Course

Raising Babies & A Business- How To Do It All?

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If you need an insight into the world of Digital Marketing, and clarity on how to make your brand- big or small-stand out and thrive during these times, take the first step here with the KSP Mom Boss Course.


The place where ambitious women learn, grow, build.

This is the most affordable and accessible online learning programme out there for you to scale and grow your business and claim your time to do more with life. Treat this as your monthly date with your business bestie that apprises you of everything that you need to grow in your business with me, Mansi Zaveri- founder of

Reach Your Revenue Goals & Dream Life With KSP Mom Boss Course

Why I Created?

We know of so many moms who have taken a career break or a career shift and are looking to do what they believe in. I have put together my learning and experiences to help fellow moms build their passion. It’s that simple!

Why Is It Important?

If you need an insight into the world of digital marketing to take your business to the next level, this is the right place. Exclusive modules with experts that teach you hacks and tips on building and scaling your brand, planning your PR strategy, figuring out your sales pitch, using digital media the right way and lots more.

How Can It Help You?

The course gives you an insight into the learning and experiences of trade experts, work on the hacks they share and be inspired by the community of #MomBosses to grow together.

What Do You Get?

Think of this like a playdate with fellow moms, who are busy building too and giving you VIP access with people you always wanted to be in the same room with.

  • Pricing
  • Scaling
  • Brand Building
  • Community Building
  • Social Media
  • Nailing Your Niche

Ready To Start !

Monthly Plan

₹1500 per month

Sign up for a recurring monthly subscription where you can get access to new modules released every month, invite to special group coaching with Mansi Zaveri and lots of interesting content and hacks to help build your business. Pause any time you want, and resume any time you want. Starting at just Rs.50/day.

Annual Plan

₹10000 per year

Get yearlong access to the KSP Mom Boss Course, special invites to one-on-one with trade experts, group coaching with Mansi Zaveri, access to Bonus modules, and exciting freebies that help you take your business to the next level. Make the first investment for your dream business at just Rs.27/day. (Psst- that will cost you less than a cup of coffee!)


This is one of a kind digital strategy and entrepreneurship course for all who are looking to build their digital footprint & claim some time for themselves.
If you need an insight into the Digital Marketing world and clarity on how to make your brand- big or small stand out. This is that. So whether you are a brand owner, or a fledgling entrepreneur, or a blogger looking to widen your reach or a social media influencer- this course is tailor-made for you.
Our exclusive Mom Boss Bundle curated by our founder Mansi Zaveri does.
As an entrepreneur myself, I have been there and seen where I needed help in my initial years. There were times, I would have crazy doubts about approaching something new and wouldn't know whom to ask. Of course, there were people who motivated, inspired me, and held my hand in this past decade, which prompted me to give it back to the women force to help more women give wings to their dreams.
Every course on Summer Fun Factory is built to help your kids do and learn things that are age-appropriate and suited to their interests. Expert curators and in house editors have worked hard on getting the right content for your kids in each bundle. You can preview what you will get inside the bundle through our sneak peek offered in the beginning of every course. But once purchased, there is no return/refund on the knowledge transfer that every course on SFF aims at.