All Tummies Are Good Tummies. Do You Agree?

Cosmo invited 12 fabulous women to bare their tummies. To remind us what real stomachs really look like. To remind us that our stomachs are to be celebrated, no matter their shape.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to accept the way you are.

We, women, are beautiful creations, of all shapes and sizes and colours. We are thrilled that Cosmopolitan India came out with this campaign to help women who have been running away from accepting their real true selves all through their lives.

Did you know that the tummy was recently voted the most hated body part by women?

Well! Most of us are known to hide it under layers unless it is flat enough. Our tummies are deemed too ‘curvy’, too ‘paunchy’, too ‘full’, too ‘bulging’, too ‘boyish’…because social conditioning has taught us that flat tummies are the only acceptable kind and the ultimate sign of fitness.

Given the social pressures around us, our kids are dealing with the same things and the struggles at their level can be quite toxic. We recently did a piece where 32% teen girls said that they felt worse about their bodies after they saw posts around them.

We need to make ourselves and our young daughters strong so that they can conquer the world and have the self-confidence to embrace their beautiful and powerful bodies

This campaign features real women with real bodies without photoshop, to remind us that the unattainable Perfect body is just a product of the fake virtual world.

Cosmopolitan India invited 12 fabulous women to bear their tummies. To remind us what real stomachs look like. To remind us that our stomachs are to be celebrated, no matter their shape. To remind us without a doubt, that all tummies truly are good tummies.

Maria Goretti (@mariagorettiz ) Le Cordon Bleu Chef, Author, Actor, Anchor, and Interior Designer

I would like to quote a line from Baz Luhrman’s song Everybody’s Free. It goes: ‘Do not read beauty magazines, they will only make you feel ugly’. I have been in front of the camera most of my life, so being in perfect shape was a pre-requisite of the job, but my body has changed so much over the years. In my twenties and thirties, my body was very fit, but after childbirth and crossing 40, your body stops listening to you, and you simply have to enjoy it for what it is.

Hoping this new year we grow strong, love ourselves more and stay positive.

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