Declutter Changes Your Physical And Personal Space. Tried It Yet?

Wouldn’t you want to know how to declutter your homes with India’s no.1 consultant? Gayatri Gandhi, the founder of Joy Factory shares her tips and tricks to change your personal space!

Did you ever think decluttering could change your physical environment and personal life as well?. We spoke to Gayatri Gandhi, India’s first Marie Kondo consultant on how she took a sabbatical from a decade long career and came across the book, ‘The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo and how it changed her life. 

She did a survey with over 200 global respondents and this further validated the findings and gave her clarity on making the availability of decluttering service in India truly relevant and bringing in the KonMari method due its effectiveness and credibility. The Joy Factory is the first company in India that officially offers the KonMari method to people for their premises.

The Joy Factory has opened up doors for many as a career. Parenting is such a task and when you club it in with responsibilities at work, then decluttering and cleaning takes a back burner. Many parents complaining that decluttering and organizing is very time consuming. She wants to share that if you do it the right way, it barely takes any time. It’s all about applying the right method and technique.

The last few months have kept Gayatri Gandhi extremely busy with virtual workshops, webinars, meetings and consultations that happen online. People are now understanding that personal space affects your well-being. Which is why they have surged in this business in the last few months. So are you ready to MariKondo your homes with The Joy Factory?

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