Save Your Spot For Sunday Storytelling Session With KSP Book Club

Bookmark your Sundays for fun storytelling sessions with KSP Book Club! This week we join hands with author Lavanya Karthik for a delightful read aloud of her new book.

Sundays are now synonymous with KSP Book Club storytelling sessions. So save the date!

Every week we join hands with an exciting author/publisher for a fun read-aloud session that your kids will want to be a part of! And if you are a member of KSP Book Club membership there are so many benefits you will want to avail- like exclusive interview access, curated book lists, book reviews and Kindle Unlimited subscription for 2 months- all of this at just Rs.499!

What book are we covering this Sunday?

We have grown up reading and falling in love with Malgudi Days by RK Narayan. And our mornings back then used to start with staring at those delightful cartoons by RK Laxman on the daily newspaper. What prompted them to go the creative way? How were they as little kids? Wouldn’t we love to know more about it?

Lavanya Karthik– famous children’s author has penned this delightful biography on the lives of RK Laxman and RK Narayan and what inspired them to rise big in their respective fields. Published by Penguin Random House this is a delightful book for kids aged 7 and above.

When: 27th March, 2022, 11 am


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About KSP Book Club:

Do Your Kids Treat Reading As A Punishment?

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