Tomato Shorba Recipe (Using Indian Spices) | Atmantan Wellness Recipes For An Immunity Boost

In this KSP Exclusive, we have shared a soup recipe from Atmantan. The fresh flavours of the coriander and the spices just add to the taste. This is a perfect recipe and it is ideal for the rainy weather! This healthy recipe is super easy and quick to make.

We know it is pouring outside and the only thing that’s on people’s mind right now is how to keep themselves and their babies safe from all the illnesses and how to keep them warm. A hot steamy mug of soup or shorba would just be ideal. It would set the right mood before dinner.

Today, on this KSP TV, we share with you an Atmantan recipe of Tomato Shorba. What we love about this recipe is that it involves very few ingredients and it is super easy to make. Tune in and I am very sure that you will add this to your weekly meal plan.

You never know this might become your family’s favourite.


  • Tomato
  • Coriander stems
  • Coriander seeds
  • Chopped garlic
  • Freshly chopped ginger
  • Ghee
  • Bay leaf
  • Cinamon
  • Black cardamon
  • Pepper
  • Salt


  • Mix 1/2 tsp of ghee,1 1/2 tsp of ginger paste, 2 tsp of coriander stem and 1 tsp of garlic.
  • Crush the coriander seeds and add to the mix and add salt.
  • Add salt.
  • Add chopped tomatoes to the pan.
  • Add all the spices.
  • Cook it for 20 mins until the tomatoes can be mashed.
  • Extract all the flavours from the tomato
  • Serve it in a bowl.
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