Win a Fitbit Iconic By Answering This One Simple Question!

What is your recommendation for families visiting Kolkata? What are your must visit kid-friendly places suggestions? Share your recommendations on the link below and win a Fitbit!

On track with your fitness resolutions for 2018? Or are you all geared up for a new year to realign your fitness goals? If you're eyeing a Fit-Bit– here is the ripe opportunity for you to win it! 

We, at Kidsstoppress, love to find out what moms are discussing, what are their favourites, their-go-to places and suggestions. Isn't that what helps in #SimplifyingParenting?!

There's something about the City of Joy that gets us super excited and we are on the lookout for recommendations for the best places in Kolkata to head to with your kids. 

If you are a Kolkata parent, share your expert tips with us by answering the following in the comments below:

  • The best kid-friendly places one must visit in Kolkata!
  • A list of the best indoor play areas that your kids love visiting
  • Kid-friendly restaurants that your children enjoy a meal (without the tantrums!)
  • The best shops you rely on to get a hold of the best products for your kids.
  • The best one-day getaways from Kolkata

Go ahead and share your recommendations with us. 

And you could be one of the lucky few to win a Fitbit Iconic! So, what are you waiting for? Hurry- share your recommendations in the comments below! 

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