Are Household Chores Only A Woman’s Responsibility?

Household chores are coming in way of women getting enough sleep and rest. It’s time for men to wake up and #ShareTheLoad for equal sleep.

 As a bonafide multitasker, women are capable of handling it all with the perfection that makes her enviable. But what are they sacrificing to achieve this perfection? Are they taking their mental health, rest and sleep too lightly? 

Here are some facts that got us thinking and shocked at the same time: 

* 71% of women accepted to sleeping an hour less than their husbands, due to household chores.

* 6 out of 10 women feel the burden of chores impacts their quality of rest & sleep.   

* 95% of men agree than women in their lives would sleep better if they helped in daily chores.

Is it really time that the men in our lives take a step ahead and help women in the daily mundane chores? Will that be a small step towards gender quality and women getting the rest they actually deserve? 

Ariel's #ShareTheLoad addresses this topic to re-iterate why men must come forward to help and share the load so women can get a breather- literally. Panellists Tahira Kashyap, Sharat Verma, Josy Paul and Dr Nandita Shah along with Mandira Bedi discuss the #MentalLoad that comes in the way of women getting rest. Watch this video to hear what they have to say in this topic that needs to be addressed in today's times. 




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