FREE Webinar: How To Monitor Your Teen’s Instagram Usage

Watch an elite team of panelists and experts talk about today’s Instagram for teens and ask them your questions LIVE!

Hey there, 

As a parent, our worries are endless. 

We worry if our children are safe at school, at the park and now with the digital boom, we are also concerned if they are safe at the comfort of their homes. With a gadget in every child’s hand, and tweens using Instagram to create their own community and using it for engaging purposes, the furrow in a parent”s brows continues to stay! 

We hear you and that’s why we have put together this amazing webinar with an elite panel that will talk on the topic “The Millennial Parent’s Guide to Instagram”. The panelists are all parents, come from different fields- they are educators, academicians, health experts, doctors and we also have the Head of Public Policy, Instagram joining us for this webinar along with Mani Zaveri, CEO-

When: December 16th 4:00 pm

Where: Zoom

Go ahead and use this opportunity to hear it straight from the experts on what it takes to raise teens in today’s cyber world in a safe way. You can also ask your questions to the experts in the webinar- save the date! 

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