Are You Using The Right Crayons For Your Child?

Too many broken crayons lying around the house? We found a solution to that problem with a product that is 2X stronger and doesn’t stain your clothes either. We recommend you check it out!

Well, you may think that what kind of question is that but each stage of childhood has specific needs. 

‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’’, said Albert Einstein

Colouring is the first step to not only exploring and being creative but to a child’s pre-writing skills. Kids at age 2-3 years are just starting to learn how to grip crayons and are venturing into the world of colouring. This is an excellent activity that helps build their fine motor skills as well as their hand-eye coordination. Developing that right pincer grip is what jumbo crayons are meant to do. Which is why crayons for kids at this age should be the jumbo version. Don’t give them thin crayons to hold at this stage. 

As a mom with 2 kids in the house, crayons and colour pencils have been my saviour on many occasions – at home and when I take them out. I always have a box of colours in my various bags for emergencies when I need them to sit in one place. But the one problem that is constant when it comes to crayons is that they break very easily.  The kids grip the crayons tightly and colour with such zeal that it’s bound to snap. 

Once the crayon has broken, that’s the end of that crayon. My kids just refuse to colour with a broken one. They want a full crayon to grip and have fun with. So before the crying starts, I have to run to the market yet again to get another box of crayons so that the peace at home is maintained. 

The other problem that I face with crayons is when the oil pastels especially get onto their clothes and stain their hands. I have to really scrub to get these off.  Do you have the same problem? What do you do about it?

I wanted to find something that would not mess with my sofa covers, their clothes or restrict their creativity. It’s amazing to see how imaginative young kids can be. This is when I chanced upon the Cello ColourUp collection. 

The New Cello Colour Up Collection, that just launched has taken all of these things into account. 

Another bonus here is that the jumbo wax and plastic crayons are 2X stronger than regular ones. They are also smudge-free and easily wash off your hands. Just what the kids needed – their favourite colour remains intact even if they have been overzealous in their colouring.   

Do your kids ever come crying to you saying they coloured the sun blue and the clouds yellow? Mine have done that enough times. Erasable plastic crayons are a good option for them. 

When I went to the market to buy crayons this time, these dust-free, non-toxic crayons were what I chose. The bonus was the DIY activity that comes as part of every packet. Everyone loves a surprise, right? Each packet comes with a different activity keeping in mind the age of the kids it caters to. Cello has made sure that each activity brings some form of utility and creativity with it. For instance, some of the DIY activities are dot painting which helps build precision and 3D colouring which can teach perspective colouring. Which is why every time you buy one of their packs, no one is going to come away disappointed. 

If you aren’t fond of crayons that’s ok too. They have an excellent range of Sketch Pens and Colour Pencils as well. By the way, their colour pencils are also break-resistant. One less thing to worry about!

The next time you head to stores don’t just read the back of food products but even your child’s crayons, so that you take an informed decision basis your child’s age and stage. You can check out and buy their entire range here.

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