Books That Help Teach Your Kids Basic Chores

Books that help motivate your little elves to help around the house- place your order today!

How much do your kids help with chores at home? Do they resist the minute you tell them to help? Or are they eager little elves who are always ready to help Mumma and Daddy? 

I’ve tried getting my little girl to help me around the house in small ways that she can – passing the water bottle to someone in the other room, or serving a box of snacks to Dad while he is watching his favourite game on TV or helping to clean the house – especially when we are expecting guests! I must say that I have been lucky so far and she does it all without cribbing. But I know of other kids who realise this is all mundane work and throw a tantrum leaving mommy fuming and upset.

1. Things To Do With Dad

Age: 4-8 years 

Author: Sam Zuppardi

Why we like it: Author and illustrator, Zuppardi shows how to make even the most boring chores fun. The list of “Things To Do” looms ahead of them of Dad and his son’s day of fun. With a little imagination and the help of a special green crayon, the little boy realizes that chores aren’t that terrible after all.

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2. Abba’s Day 

Age: 2-8 years

Author: Sunaina Ali 

Why we like it: Like every other kid, Ayesha’s favourite day is Sunday, when her Abba is at home. Show, not tell is Ali’s motto as she describes handicaps and the subversion of gender roles in her new gender series’ book. Come, find out what makes Ayesha’s Sunday so special. Also available in Hindi as Abba Ka Din. Read the complete review of this book on our KSP Book Club. 

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3. Miranda’s Tribe: Turning Chores Into Games

Age: 4-8 years 

Author: Susan Cook 

Why we like it: Looking for a way to make chores fun? Look no further. We love the way the quirky illustrations fit so perfectly with the dialogues of the book. A mother of five, Cook knows the struggle every parent faces with kids and their chores and gives a simple and enjoyable solution to it.

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4. They’re Waiting For Me: The Chores That Wouldn’t Go Away

Age: 4+

Author: Ernie Harker

Why we like it: Saturday mornings are the worst according to young Kiara; a list of chores awaits her! Each chore is represented as a fairy who annoy and bore her. How long does it take for Kiara to realise that excuses don’t make chores disappear? This is a fun read that teaches children the values of responsibility and accountability from an early age.

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5. I Won’t Clean My Room 

Age: 4-10 years 

Author: Cynthia MacGreggor 

Why we like it: What do you do when your children refuse to clean their room? Dive in to find out. Mom and Dad also have chores that make the household routine peaceful. But what if they also decide not to do their chores? When Mom refuses to cook and Dad doesn’t mend the bike, their child learns the importance of completing chores and peace is found once again.

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6. What Mess:

Age: 5-6 years 

Author: Tom Lichtenheld

Why we like it: Can a mess be too messy? This is the story of a  messy room, an annoyed mom and a clever boy who’s full of excuses. A hilarious conversation between a young boy and his parents where he insists that each part of the mess has a purpose. But can he stop the inevitable explosion?

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7. How Do Dinosaurs Clean Their Rooms 

Age: 1-3 years 

Author: Jane Yolen 

Why we like it: The all-new dinosaur board book is a “how-to” story about making and cleaning up a mess. How do dinosaurs clean their rooms? With trash cans dusters and brooms! A super silly read, this book will teach your own little dinosaur just how easy and fun cleaning up can be.

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8. Our Home: The Love Work & Heart of Family

Age: 5-7 years

Author: Lori Sugarman Li

Why we like it: One of the preconceived notions that most Indian families battle with is the fact tat maintaining the home, is always a mom’s job. From tossing the toys back to the shelves to the laundry to keeping the place, neat- it is often unfairly expected from the mother. This book will help throw light on why cleaning one’s home isn’t only a chore, but an act of brining the family together to make the house a happy and warm place. Do give it a read.

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 9. I Help Around The House

Age: 3-6 years

Author: Paige Moss

Why we like it: This picture book narrates how Abby transforms mundane chores into enjoyable activities using her imagination, making tidying up her room an engaging experience. Abby’s journey demonstrates creative ways children can have fun while helping around the house.

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