Different Ways You Can Create Art Without Using Paint

Don’t want to use paint but would like to create something beautiful? There are loads of options that you can use to make amazing artwork. Shruti Narayan shares her tips and recommendations with us.

Creating art without paints. Sounds bizarre, right? I mean seriously can colourful and vibrant art be created without using paints? Yes, it can by using alternate mediums. Experimenting with different things can be so much fun. It will spark creativity in kids and I guarantee they will never get bored. 

Any piece of art created is special, be it a scribble or a doodle or a detailed drawing. It is also important that one respects the materials used to make a picture.

  • Encourage children to set up their art materials
  • Be mindful while using them
  • Always tidy up once the activity is over. This will create responsibility and also give them a sense of ownership of their work.

So let’s try and make this interesting by using a varied spectrum of materials.

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