Digital Tricks That Will Help You Stay Organized

We share with you digital tips and tricks that will help you stay organized and juggle a life every parent dreads. Listen to this podcast and you’ll know how to manage your passwords, photos, tasks and more. Tune in and make technology better your life!

We often talk about mom-brain and how it is getting impossible to juggle life and stay organized. When you see a mom doing it all – you often ask – how are you doing it all? Do you have a secret weapon that you could share with everyone else? But recently I realized – if the world is moving towards only technology, why am I not using it at its full capacity. 

Today, on KSP TV, we are sharing with you simple tips that will just light up your world when it comes to staying organized. Yes, our days start with emails in our inbox, unfinished tasks for work or at home, a mismanaged phone and the worse – all passwords all over the pl

Tune in to this video and we share Apps like Evernote, Dashlane and more that have completely changed my life. You should try them too!

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