Do You Ask Yourself This Question Often – “Am I A Good Parent”?

We forget the key to being a good mom is simple. Here’s what should be in your affirmation.

I am a mom to a little girl, but I often question my abilities. There are questions I keep asking myself about my own parenting.

I often wonder if I am doing enough. That’s just to name a few. And those probably happened in less than an hour. Just today.

All my questions boil down to one simple, and common, question most moms have. "Am I a good mom?"

As a parent, we are always:
-Drowning in mom-guilt.
-Comparing ourselves with others
-Have unrealistic expectations from ourselves

Don't try to be a "perfect parent". Our family doesn't need that. They need a happy parent. So raise your hand if you are guilty of this! 

We forget the key to being a good mom is simple. So here's what I have decided to put in my affirmations. 

1. I will stop seeking validation. 
2. I will stop comparing myself to others. 
3. I will remind myself of what is important. 
4. I will seek ways to improve. 
5. I will not live in self-doubt. 

If you are drowning yourself in self-doubt, don't worry – all of us have been there. But picking yourself up and being the best version of yourself will raise happy families. 

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