Essential Tips When Travelling With An Infant

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Everyone is sketching their summer plans. 

While some are visiting their folks back home, there are other planning a long trip with the kids. Before I became a parent, I used to think travelling with the kids is nearly impossible and I would venture into something like that after I had my kid. Boy, wasn't I wrong?! Travelling with an infant is like the last over of an IPL cricket match! We have no clue about the bouncers we face and from which direction they come from!

I planned my first vacation when my little girl was 5 months old and I must confess it was a very difficult trip with all the truckloads of packing and planning.

You can be prepared all you want, but you are bound to face surprises! The new place, the long travel & the unfamiliar surroundings put them off, and leave your infant crying for reasons ranging from a diaper rash to a skin allergy or the feeling of a lack of security. 

Here's what I tried with my infant that worked like a charm:

????Carry a set of used toys and not new ones to ensure the child has a feeling of familiarity. 
????????Choose child-friendly hotels that have all the amenities to keep your child occupied & happy. 
????When choosing wet wipes that you will carry along everywhere- go in for one that uses natural ingredients, is soft on the skin and has a pleasant aroma. Changes their mood and stops their wails immediately! 
✈ï¸_x008f_The long travel and sightseeing can make your infant (and you!) feel exhausted. Include a fun bath routine at the end of the day, with games, songs and a soft, cleansing gel that's fortified with vitamins, guaranteeing you a night of good sleep without any fuss! 


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Scroll down to find out the complete resource guide, inspiration and help you will need when travelling with your infant, this season! Don't forget to share it with a fellow mom- and have a great holiday with your tiny tots! 

5 Places To Travel This Summer With An Infant 

Travelling with an infant is like a mirage for new mums. So close, yet so far! I am not going to lie, it’s not easy at first and most mums are phobic about travelling with an infant but, here's a tip- break that barrier and just go! 

  • Try to pick places where nature is at its best for the babies to explore with their eyes.
  • If your baby is on solids, then choose welcoming hotels where they make healthy khichdi or soups for them. Talking to the chef directly always helps! 
  • Remember to take short flights, feed them milk or water during take off and landing and buy a trainer float for pool time.

Here's what travel expert and KSP contributor Prachi Kagzi has to say about her pick of ideal places. Click here to read now! 

How To Enjoy A Holiday With Your Infant (Without Carrying Your Kitchen!)


On numerous occasions, I have heard the same thing, repeated over and over again and I just feel so sad. I'm talking about when parents tell me they are not going to take off on a holiday because it’s almost too tough to travel to another location with their child without taking the backup support of their home and household. 

Travel just adds so much bonding time with your child that you cannot miss it for anything in the world. Travel feeds my soul and I refuse to give that up or cook up a feast for my infant, toddler on a holiday because the simple fact is, I am on a holiday too!

My kids are 10 & 6 and I have never cooked something to take for them or used food jars. I don’t want to sound too pompous about that but if you follow these simple hacks, you could sound like me too!

Click here to read fully on these useful hacks that Mansi Zaveri of Kidsstoppress suggests when travelling with tiny tots. 

5 Tips On How To Choose A Country To Travel With Your Infant

KSP Contributor Shweta Ganesh Kumar has these tips to share when choosing a country to travel with the kids.

My husband and I set off on long-haul flights with our eldest when she was 56 days old and our youngest when he was three months old. They are now 6 and 2 years old and have a combined total of 26 countries under their belt. While not everything is fun and games on the trip, the kids do look forward to the travel and enjoy airports and aeroplanes, purely because they are already used to it.

Though I must say that it is easy for them to notch up countries since all they have to do is toddle along while it is their parents who have had to do all the planning and groundwork that a trip with kids entails. Fortunately for you, here are a few tips that I can pass along from all the planning that my husband and I have done over the years.

Click here to read it now! 

Essentials To Carry When Travelling With An Infant 

Let's be very honest and say it! Travelling with a baby is no easy task! From picking a baby-friendly destination to packing A-Z of baby essentials, there are zillion things we need to watch out before we finally head on that happy holiday! Well, this little guide will make your job a little easy. Here are a few pointers you need to follow while travelling with your baby.

Click here to read now! 

All You Need To Know Before You Apply For Your Baby's Passport


Planning your child's first overseas travel? Zeroing in on the best countries to travel with your infant? Here's help.

Getting a passport ready for your child is a lot more than just planning for a travel. The passport is a crucial and widely accepted ID- proof document that will come in handy for school admissions, etc. But don't know where to start? Here's a handy guide that every new parent will need to read before they apply for their child's passport. Also, don't forget to take a look at the essential ID-proof documents every parent needs to arrange for their child 

Click on this link to read more. 

5 Things Only Moms Who Travel Can Relate To

With summer holidays dates being announced in schools, the inevitable vacation planning is on in full swing at my place. From short one-day getaways to 7-hour long flights, I have travelled with my little girl, and I must confess it is never an easy feeling! 

The joy of seeing your child enjoy the experience and learn new things as they see the places is definitely unparalleled! But the flight journeys and the packing (and the unpacking) that ensues are taxing and takes a toll on your patience- no doubt! As they say- "It is not a vacation if you are travelling with your kids. It is only a change of location"!  I cannot agree more! 

Speaking for the tribe of moms who travel (often) with the offsprings- either on a well-planned vacation or a last-minute impromptu getaway, there are some trademark characteristics that make us stand out in the crowd. The next time you see one of us- offer us a smile, and don't roll over your eyes at the tantrums my child makes! Helps big time! 

Click here to see if you can relate to this mom now! 

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