For The Mom Who Is Always Struggling For Time

Whining about the new week ahead, every Sunday night? We hear you. It is not easy but with a few mommy hacks we are sure you will ace it- happy weekend but wish you a happier week ahead, mommies!

The alarm goes off at 5:30 and BAM! I’m wide awake- although with a heart rate that should probably come with a warning saying “Caution. Too fast to be alive”! Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was strolling the meandering paths of Lodhi gardens with the kids with the soft winds of impending winter flowing through my hair?

Yes, but that was Sunday. That delusional moment which lasts a good 24 hours! But within those 24 hours, it’s back to Oh no! It’s almost over’! I’m drifting back to sleep already and I hear the door of the bathroom SLAM! It’s the good old toilet run. In order of consciousness, the husband usually goes first.

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He’s a morning person. I used to be too. Till those two darling little girls happened. Now I just want to be joined at the hip to my mattress! Remember that song by the Bangles? “Manic Monday” Yeah.don’t listen to them. They probably didn’t have kids at the time.


Sure, the weekends aren’t half bad. We get to sleep in, don’t we? Till as late as 7 am!!!! *Eyerolls again* But me, I’m a hacker. Not of the computer kind. But the #momlife kind. And I will tell you. There are certain things that will change that soundtrack from “Manic Monday” to “Staying Alive”.

Well till Friday at least- after that you’re on your own. Here’s what you need to survive through the dreaded week, moms! 

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1. Keep Sunday a Fun DAY. Not a Fun NIGHT.

Sunday is the last day of the wee and also in a way, the first! In other words, if you have a rough week to recover from, then Sunday is your only hope. Keep it easy and fun. Quality time with the fam, little goals, wholesome goals -anything that’s achievable and ends before the sun sets so you can plan and prep for the week ahead.

2. Wake up half an hour earlier than required:

WAIT!!! DON’T GO!! Hear me out first.

A head start is never a bad thing. And if you’re anything like me & have a hate-hate relationship with your alarm too? Then you need a few minutes to 'unsleep' before you 'wake up'. So, for me, the 5:30 AM instead of 6 AM rule actually works quite well and in fact makes me more productive, punctual and ready to seize the day!

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3.Power breakfast:

It is said, growing children need a power breakfast. I SAY, the people providing those breakfasts need them as much if not more.

No, this is not a free pass to hit that box of Krispy Kremes lying in the fridge. Eat lean. Eat lots. Throw in a tall glass of orange juice, chopped fruit/ salad, a toasted slice of multigrain bread or a bowl of oats, some good old protein (eggs, almonds, bacon, cheese-take your pick) And some light tea to finish it off- and get you started on a positive, energetic note!

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4.One hour of exercise at least:

Nothing like a good shot of endorphins into the system to get things on track! Whether you prefer Yoga, Pilates, Kickboxing, running in the park, Zumba or giving that Mr Muscle at the gym a run for his money with your killer deadlifts, pencil into your daily routine. And as if feeling good weren’t enough, you’ll be looking just like the boss mama you are too! Confidence Boost? Check!

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5.Stay Hydrated

Good old H2O. How we take it for granted! Did you know, that about 70% of the body is essentially water? Of course, you did!

Then answer me this. What happens to a plant if left unwatered for a day? Well mommy, it’s the same thing that’s happening to your body too. In other words, poor intake of water can lead to, fatigue, irritability, dizziness, bad breath (but of course), nausea, headaches, poor skin quality and a heck load of wilting (yep! believe it ladies!)

The medics advise 8 (6-8 ounce) glasses but if that’s not a reasonable goal, I’d recommend starting with a 1L bottle for the day as a minimum.

If you’re the kind that has trouble drinking a lot of water, try these tips :

  • Put a natural flavouring agent in an infuser bottle and carry it with you (a sprig of mint and a wedge of lemon will do nicely but you can try coriander, cucumber, sweet lime, even apples and see what works)
  • Make sure to drink a modest glass of water before you leave and after you reach a certain place (I say modest because the last thing we need is to stop for a tinkle on the highway behind the nearest bush!)
  • Drink a tall glass of water first thing in the morning and after every meal.
  • Increase your intake of juicy fruits and veggies like carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, some juicy iceberg lettuce,  watermelon, oranges, sweet lime, etc.

6. Stay busy and do new things! 

Not you working mommyYou’ve got enough to deal with and we salute you! Nor you mother of a tiny person under a year. You sleep! 

This for the bunch of us whose fledgelings that aren’t quite so toddler anymore and beyond. That can often leave us with those random in between pockets of time in the day where we honestly can’t figure out what to do with ourselves. This can make the week seem endless. But you know what? It’s also an opportunity. To try something new. Within the home or outside.

Pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read, go meet a friend for coffee while the littles are at playschool, take up a craft (and finish it – makes for great Instagram content trust me!), take a class (a sport, a music class, dance or even cooking!)

OR tackle point no.4 on this list.

This will keep your momentum consistent through the week, keep you bright, happy and help you sleep like a baby at night!

7. Set deadlines for the day & document them:

Procrastination is the thief of time for most. But for us mums, it is also the thief of sanity. Nothing like unfinished business to totally unhinge one. Being goal-oriented gives a better sense of time management and helps you accomplish the tasks you need to for the week without things getting too overwhelming. Try and accomplish all the boring tasks from Monday to Friday.

Get organized and set deadlines for the stuff that needs to get done. Be it payment of bills, grocery shopping, organizing a playdate or even scheduling a shopping trip for the family, jot it all down and I guarantee, the mental notes will happen automatically too! So, ladies, it’s time to dust off the old little black book and start scribbling (For eg. call the spa & schedule massage for Saturday- just a bit to get you started!)

8. A coffee twice a day keeps the fatigue away:

Pick your poison. Coffee or Tea? Your choice.

Having tried and tested both, I choose the humble brown bean. Yes! Too much of it will send you somersaulting all over the place and is known to up the acidic levels of the body but everything in moderation is good for you. A cup twice a day is enough to supplement those energy levels! Well hey!  It isn’t associated with tired moms all over the world for nothing. Think of it as your Kryptonite mommy! Heck, I’m having one right now as I type this!

9. Keep one hour free every evening for quality time with the family:

We’ve talked about food for the body, food for the mind but family time is what I like to call ‘food for the soul’. Make a no-tv rule for the babies (at least on school days. This is of course only until the little critters are asleep. Netflix all you want after that!) and instead spend an hour with them every evening away from the caretakers.

Talk about the day that was, play a game, listen to your favourite music while doing an activity together, read books or work on a giant puzzle as a family. Even if it means doing homework with them. One on one time is something we must absolutely put in as parents. And If it’s good for them, it’s going to be good for you too mama. Personally, those are the moments that charge my batteries and leave me relaxed and ready to take on the next day!

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10. Early to bed:

Whether you like winding down your day watching your favourite show with the husband or settling into bed with your favourite book or even wrapping up a pending assignment. What woke you up should also be what tells you it’s time to go to sleep. Set a sleep reminder and obey the little beeping box. (Since we’re all slaves to it anyway) Try not to stretch bedtime over 10:30 (if for some reason your superhuman mind is capable of staying awake over that mark that is) After that it’s LIGHTS OUT. SLEEP. REPEAT!

Unless it’s Friday!!!

In that case, crack open that bottle of wine sister! You’ve survived the week and you’re off the hook.

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