Fun Facts About Things In The World

In this KSP Radio, we share with you fun facts that you are going to love sharing with your kids. These facts are fascinating and a great ice breaker in school with your kids.

Is your child curious and asking too many questions? Well I believe, that’s a very good thing. But do you think you’re doing enough to feed your li’l one’s brain with a lot of information? At this age, their brain is like a sponge- the more information you throw at them, it sticks with them forever. 

I recently spoke to Kunal and Pinky Dalal and they mentioned that “It is important to raise lifelong learners rather than just students” and this was something I wish I can equip my children with. 

Today on Ksp Radio we share weird fun facts about the world with you. 
These are a great ice-breaker in school. 
A fun conversation when you are stuck in the car. 
Just the thing your children need when they want to show off their GQ skills. 

Listen to this podcast and get set to raise a 21st century learner.

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