Grandma’s Fun Tales! Have You Heard About The Sparrow And His Payasam?

Rati Girish shares this interesting story from her childhood, that your kids will love listening to!

This story is narrated & contributed by Rati Girish. 

One of my favourite memories of my childhood was listening to my grandmother tell us stories of kings and wars, gods and demons, and animals and their friends. Somehow these stories have managed to create a special place in our subconscious and are something I always draw upon when I narrate bedtime stories for my kids. 

Every week, KSP Book Club features a book that we are currently reading and we would love to recommend to our readers. This week, we talk about Sudha Murthy's Grandma's Bag Of Stories. Make sure to read all about it here.  So on KSP Radio, too, we revisit one of my favourite stories from my grandmother and we share it with all our young listeners. Make sure to write in and tell us if you liked it! 

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