Here’s My NOT A Resolution List!

This is not a to-do resolution checklist but more of a wishlist that I have put together for myself as a woman, as a mom, as an author, and as an entrepreneur.

By this point in time, we are all tired and done and dusted with the term resolutions. I don’t know if this is a social media overkill or genuinely we are tired of resolutions! But frankly, nothing wrong with the term, in itself. It’s how it is often used as a blanket to claim anything new that you are going to try, and how it is okay to drop it midway or just go about things. Anyway, this is not a rant nor is it a bulleted resolution reminder I have set myself for 2024. It’s more of a wishlist that I have put together for myself as a woman, as a mom, as an author, and as an entrepreneur.

To stay where you are, you need to keep moving:

The one thing I have learnt from the people I have interacted with and been inspired by is not to take success lightly and to make excellence a habit. A great lesson to teach our children right from a young age too! 

Growth takes time, be patient:

Sometimes, we take upon a new habit or a passion and within a few weeks or months of trying we stop it. Why are we so impatient with ourselves? Be it becoming a plant parent learning a new skill or starting a new dream project- give your growth journey some time. Don’t give up. 

YOU matter

I have often said this. However crazy my work day might seem, I have always made it a point to take the right breaks in between for my workout or chai break- two things that I am super passionate about. It could be anything for you- but just make sure you do things that help YOu grow. ‘Coz remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup. 

Health IS Wealth

Once you reach your 40s, you realise how you need to eliminate things from your life instead of adding more! Say no to foods that make you heavy or sick, and don’t give in to peer pressure. Swear by foods that you are used to, growing up, instead of fad diets. The minute you start investing in your health, you will see the difference! 

Dare to dream:

A couple of years ago, when my husband and I were chatting when we came upon the idea of ,e writing a book, my first reaction was shock, as usual. “How can I do it?” was my instant reaction but thanks to the people around me who believed more in me, I saw my book hitting the stores this 2023! And I am so happy I shoved that self-doubting, naysayer voice inside of me. I am sure all of you have tried that at some point in your lives too. Do it more often, mommies. We owe it to ourselves. 

Make time for what matters:

As a working mom, yes there are compromises we make day in and day out. But as much as I am passionate about my business, I do make all the effort to spend more time with my girls, especially when they are growing up. ‘Coz 16 summers and 16 Christmas holidays are all we are going to have with them. I watch crazy silly sitcoms with them, attend the loudest Gen-Z concerts and go for back-breaking treks just to savour every minute of their childhood before they grow too big for my arms! I am just back from a holiday and at home, relaxing and retrospecting as the year comes to a close.

I am sure I will have more to add to this list, and when I do, I shall share it with you. Till then, do share your “Not A Resolution” list with me as replies on this mail, or DM me on @mansi.zaveri. I love it when we hear feedback from you! 

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