How Can Working Moms Maintain Their Diet?

In this KSP Exclusive, the celebrity nutritionist Suman Agarwal talks to us about how it is important for mommies to stay fit, even if they don’t have the time. It is often hard to maintain a work-life balance after having kids but tune in and find out a few tips that will push you to be on top of your game.

People often forget self-care. Post-delivery, everyone has a different journey. You see some moms who are on point – they go back to work, spend enough time with the baby and themselves. But you also see some moms struggle all along. They just don't know how to balance things out and the only thing they compromise is on self-care. 

We hear many people talking about healthy eating and getting in a workout every day because these matters are not meant to be taken lightly. 

Today, we have Suman Agarwal, the celebrity nutritionist talk to working mothers about how to eat right and stay fit. Tune in and find out the quick tips that she suggests. 

You never know if you follow them you could be that super mom you wish to be!

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