How To Identify Signs And Symptoms Of Autism

Dr. Zirak Marker, Sr. Psychiatrist & Advisor of Mpower talks to us about Autism and what it means to be on the spectrum. He also mentions how to identify signs and symptoms of Autism, how early intervention plays a big role, and how Occupational Therapy can help children develop their skills. Dr. Zirak Marker talks about this one Autistic child and how he answered this complicated question very easily.

Did you know that 1 in 59 children are diagnosed with Autism? 

As Dr. Vibhakrishnamurthy mentions earlier that it is a growing epidemic and we have to create awareness among parents and teachers. WHO statistics mention that 15% of children in India suffer from developmental difficulties. Autism is a neurodevelopmental condition that impacts a person’s social, communication and play skills. It is caused by changes in the brain (due to genetic and environmental factors) that happen before birth or early in life. 

Dr. Zirak Marker, Sr. Psychiatrist & Advisor of Mpower talks to us about what Autism is and the signs and symptoms to look out for. He also talks about what it means to be on the spectrum, how early it can be diagnosed and the role early intervention has on the treatment. He emphasises on Occupational Therapy for children with Autism because it improves the sitting tolerance, social skills, hand-eye coordination, and the sensory profile.

Tune into the video and watch Dr. Zirak Marker talk about how this one Autistic child answers a tricky question instantly and how these children are gifted.

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