How To Make A DIY Floating Ball

With a little bit of knowledge about science, it’s very easy and fun to levitate a small ball using a straw, paper, and tape. Tune in and follow along these simple steps and you’ll have a fun DIY trick in your pocket.

Do you often wonder how to keep your children entertained at home? How do you stop them from whining that it is boring and they don’t want to do the same thing every day? 

Well, I try to get them to read most of the time. I ensure I get mommy recommended age-appropriate books for them so they don’t get bored easily. (Sign up for #KSPBookClub). 

Ever think that levitation was simply a trick for the movies, or some far-off science fiction dream? 

Today, on KSP TV, we show you an easy DIY and you could make your own floating ball. You can learn all the science behind how the floating ball works.

The best part is – it doesn’t need much prep time and it can be made really quickly. Kids love it so much that they won’t let go of this toy they made themselves for days. Excited to bookmark this DIY for the holidays or the weekend. sTune and share photos with us and tag us at @kidsstoppress! We would love to see your creations!

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