How To Travel Stress Free (When You Leave Your Kids Back Home)

The vacation that should get me all excited, has me super nervous instead because I was worried about leaving them behind and making sure their schedules do not get affected.

This is not the first time that I have travelled leaving behind my kids.

Was wondering what is it that makes me do this time and again and what gives them the courage to deal with it. I won’t say it happens effortlessly because it doesn’t. There is a tremendous amount of planning, preparing and building an ecosystem that makes it work.
My kids hate it when we travel but they also know that they are safe. I know of friends who have never travelled leaving the kids behind and some who have. Nothing is wrong or right. Everyone’s circumstances demand their choices. 

Here’s how I make it happen for me and the children:

✈️A trust circle that includes my mother-in-law who has anchored both Nakul and my ambitions and a secure space for my children. The circle includes friends who just take charge and who my mother-in-law and kids can call for just about anything.
✈️ Not moving the kids out of their comfort zone of home. Never uproot them should be your first choice
✈️ Share your why with them. Share photos and videos as much as possible. We bond over food always.
✈️ Sometimes if it’s possible take your ecosystem along.
✈️Keep the food as favourite and simple. Don’t fret and lose your peace if the greens have been missed. I’ve meal planned the next 10 days to the T but I know things will go out of order
✈️ I’ve learnt over the last few years that we don’t overcompensate the treats because we are away. It’s normal, it’s casual.
✈️ Least amount of overlap between our travel as parents. We really coordinate our dates to make sure that is not the case but sometimes it’s unavoidable and that is okay. We take one holiday a year as a couple and I would totally recommend that to everyone.
✈️ The kids don’t miss you as much as you miss them.
✈️ Travel when they have school and a schedule
✈️ Always be available. Once a parent it’s usually hard to ever switch off. Be ready to solve a crisis from anywhere in the world.
✈️ Trust the person who you are leaving your kids behind with 💯 . They are doing it the way they know best.
It’s hard but it’s the choices you make every single day and sometimes we need to make these choices.

A couple of years ago when I travelled leaving behind my kids, who were much younger then, I had put out a video that many parents found useful and relatable. At the core of the video are tips to make sure you are organised and everything is planned well in advance including considering worst-case scenarios.

Watch the video below to find out how you can take a stress-free vacation without the kids.

Here are the printables that you can use. All you have to do is fill in the details according to your schedule and print! Have a safe and super fun vacation and don’t stress about leaving your kids behind.

Contact List Template
weekly class schedule - template
start sheet template
medicine list - template
meal plan
important dates to remember template

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