Interesting Facts About The Prime Ministers And Presidents Of Countries

This I am not bored episode is all about Presidents and Prime Ministers. Tune in and find out fun facts like which countries only have a president and which countries have a dual government. Also, answer the fun trivia questions at the end!

The future citizens of India need to know everything about their country, elections and the government. But how do you introduce it to them at a young age? What is the importance of talking about elections with your child? How well will they respond? Well, the only way to know is by talking about these things often. 

Today, we will be talking about Presidents and Prime Ministers? Tune in and find out fun facts about what other names are popular for Presidents and Prime Ministers, for how long they hold the office and about various countries and their government preferences. What’s fun is at the end you could enjoy this KSP Radio with our Trivia questions. 

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