KSP Book Club- Tell Me About Festivals Of India

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The most favourite part of the year is here. With Dusshera in about two weeks, we know how busy you must be with the preps. From choosing the right ethnic wear for your little boys and girls to dishing out tasty delicacies, we know you have your hands full. The li’l ones are often clueless about what the occasion is, but the lightly grown up ones will have a lot of questions to ask (you will know!) If you don’t know where to start- this popular book can help.

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Which book are we reading? 

children's book on festivals

The book that’s on our shelf this week is Tell Me About Festivals Of India-written by Anurag Mehta and is published by Nita Mehta Publications. Buy here.

What is it about?

As the name of the book suggests- this book will help your kids understand why we celebrate the major Indian festivals and how we go about them. Ideal for kids aged 7 and above. You can also read out aloud to younger kids to get them accustomed to the festivals than just answer their questions on the D-day!

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Why is this book on our shelf?

  • The simple language used to explain each festival and some of the popular customs and beliefs behind each of them makes it a worthy addition to your child’s book collection.
  • The illustrations and presentation are both colourful and engaging and the little minds will surely enjoy reading the book.
  • The ideal way to prep your children weeks before the festivities to get them to the actual mood and enjoy the modak and laddoos!

Stay tuned for KSP Book Club as we tell you the pick of the new releases you must consider for your child’s reading time! Read this book? Share your feedback in the comments below!

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