Lockdown: As A Parent, What Are You Grateful For?

Today, as we are spending time reflecting during this lockdown because of the coronavirus, we won’t lie and say that we didn’t complain. Here’s what we are thankful for.

Today, as we are spending time reflecting during this lockdown because of the coronavirus, we won't lie and say that we didn't complain. Won't say that we didn't think – "When will this time end". But now it is also time to reflect and have gratitude and not complain all the time. We all wonder how to keep the family's immunity up, how to ensure kids' hygiene levels are up, how to entertain them throughout the day and so much swimming in our heads. 

But let's take a moment and have gratitude for all that we have. Here are a few things I could think about. 

1. Be thankful that your family is so understanding and helping out so you don't have to take the load

2. Be thankful that you are able to do everything you can so your kids don't regress in school

3. Be thankful that you have all the essentials and more to help you get through this time

4. Be thankful that we have got a moment to slow down and make memories with our children

5. Be thankful that we are not stuck somewhere and that we are home with your family

6. Be thankful to the help who have been there with you and helped you through the years (I couldn't have come this far without the support.)

7. The health workers who are out there, risking their lives but making sure everyone can pull through this situation

8. I am thankful to all the policemen out there and staff at essential stores – to ensure we get the safety and essentials we need to survive

9. I am thankful that my team and I, even when we are working remotely, are so united to make work happen everyday

10. There's a lot to be thankful for. So let's stop complaining and make a list of the things we should show gratitude towards


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So what are you thankful for? Please write in the comments below. 

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