Moms, Do You Often Think About This?

The feeling of emptiness, the feeling of “not achieving enough’ or that blank mindset crept its way into my mind, leaving me wondering- “What did I do today?’ Sounds familiar, mommies?

I was eagerly awaiting the weekend, like a school kid, I must confess. I kept making endless lists of things-to-do. Nothing earth-shattering, I told myself. Among the other things, I got the kids' wardrobe sorted and organized, got the kitchen pantry re-arranged, read a novel (30 pages to be exact), and watched a movie at night with the husband. But on Sunday night, the feeling of emptiness, the feeling of "not achieving enough' or that blank mindset crept its way into my mind, leaving me wondering- "What did I do today?'

Sounds familiar, mommies?

Why does this happen with us? Does it happen with the dads in the house? Does it happen to other members in the house or is it reserved for the mommy fraternity alone? Hard to say. But I guess we tend to make our expectation lists a tad too long. We set impossible benchmarks for ourselves and when they don't get done we feel underwhelmed. 

Here is what you need to remember if you are wading through the sea of mommy guilt:

  • Learn to atomize your worklists into smaller sections. This way, it might look a lot, but then you will feel accomplished and finishing them more too! 
  • Stop comparing. Like really! Every mom has her own journey and it is never fair to you or them to compare. Get inspired, sure- but don't compare. 
  • Do keep time for yourself- to relax, to rejuvenate, to put your feet up, and to breathe! Unlike what most moms think- it is not a crime to wish for some 'me time' in a day! 
  • Learn to delegate, take help and prioritise. You might feel like a superwoman (we all do!) But in reality, you need all the help you can get.
  • Approach the most difficult task when you are at your best mindset. This way, a big chunk is out of the way and that adrenaline rush is enough to surge you through the remaining! 
  • Moms – whether you are a working mom, or a stay-at-home mom, stop underestimating yourself! You rock your family’s world- Period. 


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