Our latest book obsession: Where’s Wally?

A book that poses a risk of turning into an obsession for not just your kids, but for you too! Get your copy of Where’s Wally today!

Martin Hanford’s classic picture book series Where’s Wally is always in style and never gets boring. First published in 1984 the Where’s Wally series of books is a great family activity. It is unfair to restrict this extremely fun activity to kids alone, after all why should they have all the fun!

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Based on the American and Canadian version of Where’s Waldo?, Where’s Wally? was created by Martin Hanford. These books have a pages upon pages of intricate, detailed illustrations of hundreds of people seemingly going about their day. Wally, the person you need to find, is hidden amongst the crowd doing his own thing, or more often than not, simply waving! The challenge here is to find him amongst the crowd and not get distracted by the bright colours of the picture. On every page Wally is dressed in his (by now iconic) red and white striped shirt with a bobble hat and glasses.

There is no one correct way to find Wally, absolutely no method to the madness! You simply find him when you do! It takes great focus and perseverance to find him and you will be ecstatic when you do! A little known fact about Where’s Wally? is that each illustration takes author/illustrator Martin Handford at least 8 weeks to complete.

Have we made it sound really simple? If we have take a look at this picture for an example of the kind of illustrations in the book. And then watch our review!

Why We Love Where’s Wally?
  1. It is great for a family challenge or simply time yourself!
  2. Keeps you or your child busy and focussed and helps develop concentration skills.
  3. It is simply super to carry along for long road trips or when you travel.

Have we made it sound really simple? If we have take a look at this picture for an example of the kind of illustrations in the book. And then watch our review!


Where's wally

where's wally MARTIN-HANDFORD

If you do succeed in finding Wally, fret not. Martin Handford has created different characters for his series and each one of them can be found in those pages. Here they are:

Wally: In the first two books, Wally wandered alone; but over time more characters were added to find in each scene.

wheres wally-1

 Wenda: A friend of Wally’s who strangely dresses just like him.


 Odlaw: He is Wally’s nemesis, who deceivingly dresses the same but look closer and he ain’t red, he yellow! Even his name is simply Waldo spelled backwards.


 Woof:  Wally’s dog, first appeared in The Ultimate Fun Book, where he was identified as Wenda’s dog. Though only his tail could be found, in the final page of Where’s Wally: The Wonder Book, Woof shows himself to the reader.


Wizard Whitebeard: His signature is his exceptionally long beard, which is often the key to finding him. In his first appearance he sent Wally on a quest to discover the truth about himself, and  has tagged along on Wally’s travels ever since.


The Wally Watchers: They turn up wherever Wally goes, dressed in the same red-and-white striped outfit. They follow Wally everywhere.

wally watchers


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