Recommended Mental Health Practitioners In Bengaluru

If you are undergoing emotional stress and would like to talk to someone to help ease your mind, this list of mental health experts can help you.

Covid19 has taken the world by storm, plunging us all neck-deep into a host of problems surrounding financial difficulties, health risks and severe grief. Mental health is a crossroad between emotional, psychological, and physical well-being.


Now is the perfect time to start seeking out help from renowned mental health practitioners and prioritising your mental and physical fitness over everything.

We need to continue to advocate for mental health and wellbeing which is why we have curated a list of mental health practitioners in Bengaluru who can help you get through these tough times. Hang in there. 

          Dr Girishchandra

          Contact: [email protected]

          Dr Anitha Chandra

          Contact: 080 47111991


           Dr Divya Shree K R

            Book an appointment online-


Ms. Sandhya C

Book an appointment online-


Ms. Geetha. G

            Contact: 08045686415


Dr. Syeda Arifa Tasneem
Contact :18002082222


 Dr. Ms. Hema Sampath

Contact: 9880263815


Dr. Lakshmi.J

            Contact: +91 (80) 266-327-71


Dr. Renu E George

Contact: 9901061713


If you have names of people mental health practitioners that you think we should add to the list please talk to us in the comments below. Please note the list is based on recommendations. So please do your own research as well.

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