Sex During Pregnancy: Is It Safe?


The one question most parents-to-be have.

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Is it safe?

Yes, you can continue to have sex when you are pregnant, say experts. It is safe and absolutely normal for a pregnant woman to have sex. Of course, the clause that comes along with it is in case of uncomplicated and low-risk pregnancies. Every expectant mom goes through a sea of emotions that either make her want to abstain from making love or on the other hand- gets her all in the mood for it! Doctors say that it is absolutely normal for women to feel so- and they should continue whatever works fine for both partners.

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What's ok and what's not:

  • Don't worry about sex being unsafe for your unborn baby. For those wondering if you can 'poke' the baby, don't worry. Your baby is protected by the amniotic fluid in the mom's uterus and by the strong muscles surrounding it. So- in essence, it is like a layer of cocooned protection for the baby- so there's is simply no way you can reach the baby when it is safely in the womb. 
  • No- sex cannot cause a miscarriage. A fetal abnormality and associated factors are what can cause a miscarriage and making love isn't one of them. Relax. 
  • Share your concerns and feelings with your partner and do what's best for both of you. With morning sickness and incessant vomiting, sex might be the last thing on a woman's mind- that's absolutely common!
  • Check with your Ob-Gyn if you are at risk for unexplained vaginal bleeding, preterm labour or any other complication. An expert advise works best in these cases. 
  • Now is not the time to experiment with those crazy positions you just read about. Go with what feels comfortable and is still fun for both of you. 
  • Dad-to-be this is for you — your wife may be throwing up and feeling uncomfortable and even look all, well pregnant! But if sex is on her mind, then that's what you have to do! 

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For more answers to questions, every woman has during prengnacy, hop on over to this group! Where moms to be share thoughts and discuss all things parenting- it makes things easier, right? Say hello to #SimplifyingParenting. 

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