Simplifying Mythology For Children: Devdutt Pattanaik

We spoke to best-selling author Devdutt Pattanaik on the challenges of simplifying mythology for our kids and what it takes to make it relevant to them.

In today’s world, filled with gadgets and endless information, it’s important for stories to help kids question facts instead of just accepting them blindly. We talked to best-selling author Devdutt Pattanaik about how he simplifies mythology for curious young readers and what it takes to make these ancient stories relevant to today’s tech-savvy kids.

His new book, ABC of Hinduism for Kids, shows his dedication to teaching children about Hindu mythology, culture, and history. According to him, kids today are flooded with information from many sources, so they must learn how to think critically. By making myths simple and engaging, he hopes to spark curiosity and encourage kids to explore and ask questions about the world.

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In ABC of Hinduism for Kids, Pattanaik breaks down key concepts of Hinduism into easy-to-understand, alphabetical entries. Each letter introduces a new part of Hindu culture or mythology, making it easier for kids to learn and remember. This method makes learning about their heritage fun and interesting instead of boring.

Devdutt points out that understanding mythology is important for kids because it teaches them about cultural values, moral questions, and historical contexts. By linking ancient myths to modern life, he shows that these stories are not just old tales but still have valuable lessons today.

To watch the full interview where we speak about his other book Sati Savitri and about the role of feminism in our ancient myths, click the YouTube or Podcast links below.

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