Smart Parents Make This Choice For Their Preschoolers- How About You?

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside the Preschoolers Box, that parents of 2-4-year-olds are loving! Placed your orders yet?

How do you ensure your preschoolers stay ahead in the race?

They learn new concepts only when the process is enjoyable and fun. As parents, we realise that the growing minds need the right exposure and learning to help expand their creativity and build on their skills, that will come a long way in their learning journey.

That's where KSP's Favourites Box helps you make the right choice. We handpick and curate the best children's products in the market- and package them in a way that your kids will love it too! From board games, to travel kits, to science collection- you get them at the KSP's Favourites Box, every month! We love it when parents get back to us telling these boxes serves as great birthday gift options! And here is adding one more to the kitty! 

The Preschoolers Box:

This month on the KSP's Favourites Box, we present 3 fun games for your little preschoolers that work wonders on their early learning skills. And the best part- you get them at a discounted rate!

These 3 games would cost you around Rs 1383 if you were to shop for them individually. But as a part of the KSP's Favourites Box, these games are available at a special price of just Rs 999 only! With zero shipping charges, this is the is the best deal ever!

Here's a sneak peek at what's inside the Preschoolers Box.

What does this box contain? 

Suitable for kids aged 3 years and above, this box contains:

1. PodSquad Word Jigsaw (MRP: Rs 399)

Age: 3+

Let your preschoolers learn their first opposite words and rhyming words using this fun jigsaw puzzle from Po

2. Clever Cubes Gripy (MRP: Rs 485) 

Age: 3+

This busy bag will keep your clever clogs engaged all through the day. With 6 jumbled cards, 24 objects and 24 object cards in 1 cloth bag, this game by Clever Cubes is ideal for your preschoolers. 

3. Spin-A-Story (MRP: Rs 499)

Age: 3+

Here's something your little storytellers will love to do. Build your child's vocabulary and storytelling abilities in a fun, cool way with 90 story cards. 

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