This Indian Brand Has Been Trusted By Parents For 9 Decades. Tried Them Yet?

During the Swadeshi Movement, there was a need for an Indian brand of gripe water to replace a foreign brand available. Competing with the big brands, keeping up with the generational changes and breaking into new markets are some of our challenges. By keeping our quality and price competitive, and above all being concerned only for our users satisfaction and well-being, we have been a brand that has been popular in the market for so long. 1.Your profile picture, Logo, and brief profile Namrata Oza Studied in J.B. Petit high school Bachelor of Commerce- HR College Have been working in my family business since 2005.

As a parent- what factors would you consider when choosing a baby care product? What would be your top priority? Quality, safet and the brand name are unarguably the most important factors that every parent would look for. Today, we tell you all about this one brand that has won the hearts of parents for the last 9 decades. 


Babuline Baby:


Babuline- a brand that was established in 1928 and widely known for their Ayurvedic Gripe Water looks at providing solutions to what every new parent will need the most. They make a whole range of baby products from lotion to massage oils, powder, body wash and lots more. 


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Their collection:


If you are looking for natural, safe and tested products for your kids- you must consider the Babuline Baby collection. If you are a new mom- you must check out their new collection that includes Baby Diaper Rash Cream, Baby Powder, Baby Massage Oil, Baby Lotion, Baby Cream in addition to their Gripe Water.  The fragrances used in the products are mild, child-safe and comply to the International standards for fragrance safety.  Babuline Pharma also deals with essential medicines for your children. 


What makes their flagship product different from the rest? 



Their first product- the Babuline Gripe Water, made from sodium bicarbonate, dill oil, aniseed oil, caraway oil, menthol and sugar that has been popular for the last 90 years was one of the first few India Ayurvedic names that provided new borns relief from colic pain and indigestion. And they have been winning the parents’ trust since then!

So, we are saying: 


We loved the concept of a travel kit that Babuline has introduced that makes life easy for new moms. It contains just what you need when you set off on a travel with your kids- so you know you don’t carry a truckload more or miss out on the essentials.


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Where can I buy Babuline Baby Care products? 


In what started as an offline retail business, Babuline now caters to a wider children’s market, with their strong online presence on online shopping portals. You can buy the products on Amazon right here. Click on the links to buy them right away:


Babuline Gripe Water 

Babuline Baby Diaper Rash Cream

Babuline Baby Powder

Babuline Baby Massage Oil

Babuline Baby Lotion

Babuline Baby Cream



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