Tips For Celebrating Your Baby’s First Christmas

Here are a few ways to make sure you and your baby have the best first Christmas to look back on!

Who doesn’t look forward to the Christmas season?

From the smell of cinnamon in the air to the carols on loop everywhere you go, it’s hard not to get into the holiday cheer. But this year, it isn’t just another Christmas — it’s your baby’s first celebration, and you want to make it as memorable as possible. And though your little tot might not even know how to say Santa’s name yet, it doesn’t mean it should be any less special. 

Here are a few ways to make sure you and your baby have the best first Christmas to look back on!

Start yearly traditions:

We all have fond memories of Christmas growing up. Perhaps you recall staying up late with your siblings, waiting for Santa with a platter of cookies. Or maybe you used to decorate the tree as a family. This is your opportunity to carry on these lovely traditions with your own family, or better yet, to start new ones. It doesn’t have to be a grand, expensive gesture. Something as simple as having a holiday movie marathon or going out to see fireworks will surely be a joy for the years to come. 

Design your own holiday cards:

New parents are guilty of showing off their baby photos at every opportunity they get. Now, you’ve got an even better excuse to do so because of all the adorable holiday photos you’re about to take. Feel free to get creative and dress your baby up in the cutest holiday-themed garb. Afterwards, you can send them to all your friends and family and keep a few as a memento. It beats any commercial card with the same design any day.

Create your own stockings:

Christmas stockings have a rich history behind them. Stockings symbolise generosity and hopefulness, and you’ll want your little one to feel the same happiness when he or she sees them hanging on your wall. Choose one that you’ll want to keep pulling out year after year to keep the tradition. 

Make gift-giving special:

Gift-giving kind of loses its touch as time passes. Before you know it, your babies turn into teens who only want to receive a gift certificate and call it a day. Take this chance to make a complete occasion out of it, like having everyone open their presents together. Just be sure to do your shopping early to make it stress-free. Malls during this time of the year can be an ordeal to get through, with hordes of people panic-buying gifts. Of course, this can be avoided by purchasing online or choosing handmade crafts. 

Visit Santa:

To your baby, he’s probably just a big red guy with a beard. Let’s admit that taking your toddler to see Santa is more of a treat for the parents. But that’s okay, head to a nearby Christmas carnival just to get that prized photo of your babysitting on Santa’s lap!

Preserve your baby’s handprint or footprint:

Is there anything more adorable than baby hands and feet? They make unique decorations as salt dough ornaments for your home, too. All you need for this crafted piece is some flour, salt, and water. 

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