Tips To Raise A Picky Eater

Today, on our KSP Radio, we speak to you about how to deal with a li’l picky eater. We understand the struggle is real but these tried and tested tips work like wonders for parents. Tune in and get your hands on these tips that will help you keep your li’l one’s food nutritious!

From, “If you don’t eat your food, you won’t get to play!” to “Please eat something. I’ll make whatever you want,” most parents have been through it all!

The struggles are the same for every mom but its a very common problem. One day your child may love a peanut butter sandwich and another day you may see hiM/her rolling at the floor throwing a tantrum. So how should one deal with these issues? 

Listen to this podcast to know how to deal with picky eaters because we understand that getting your child to eat nutritious food can be very frustrating. Just remember the ongoing arguments at home about food can actually actually reinforce your child’s persnickety eating habits—especially if you’re raising a strong-willed child. Remember to pick your battles!

If you have a fussy eater on your hands, here are steps you can take to encourage your little one to become a healthy, happy eater.

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