Toddler Tantrums- How To Avoid & Handle It (While Staying Calm!)

Handling tantrums is never easy! At any age, especially when they are in the toddlers phase! But here’s help to make it better.

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Hearing the word toddler tantrums can give goosebumps to most parents. 

It’s the most frustrating moment of the day when a child is throwing one tantrum after another. In such a situation, as mums, we feel equally helpless and are tempted to give in to toddler demands just so that he/she is calm. But this doesn’t solve the problem. Each time a parent gives in, the child becomes more adamant. 

I am not saying that you should be authoritative all the time towards your children. Setting healthy boundaries help parents and children equally. At the same time, it’s important to set aside at least one day in a week when your child is free to do whatever she likes. This way you’ll be able to create a lovely balance. 

As mums, we don’t have to be perfect in everything. It doesn’t make us supreme if we are calm on all the days. There are good and bad days. On a good day, a mum has the wherewithal to handle the child in the best way including his/her crankiness. But what do we do on a bad tantrum day? Well, there is no handbook to mommyhood and every child is different yet there are a few points, if kept in mind can help you sail through the tantrums in a composed and collected way.  

Scroll down to read how you can keep toddler tantrums at bay.

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