“I Am Not a Super Mom. That’s A Myth” | Twinkle Khanna

Mansi Zaveri in conversation with Twinkle Khanna discusses fun things ranging from one parenting duty she wants to outsource to the books that shaped her as an individual. If you have a budding bookworm at home, do check out our premium KSP Book Club Subscription programme (at just Rs. 499 a year) with book reccos, reading lists, tips, author interviews and lots more.

As moms, we often face the biggest battles within. 

“Am I good enough for my child?

“Am I doing the right things for them?”

“How do I spend more quality time with the kids”

We ask these and other endless Qs to ourselves day in day out and compare ourselves with other super achiever moms.

It’s time we broke the bubble- Supermoms DON’T exist! 

And we love it, even more, when accomplished author and one of our favourite celebrity Moms– Twinkle Khanna breaks the myth, albeit in her true witty style! 

Mansi Zaveri, Founder- Kidsstoppress.com in a fun conversation with Author Twinkle Khanna talks about all things- from parenting duties, we love to outsource to books that shaped her as an individual.

This video is the second in the series of our conversations with Twinkle Khanna. Check out our first video in this series where Twinkle shares some practical and doable tips on raising a reader.

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