Upcycle Used Corn Cobs To Make This Fun DIY

The next you chomp through a cob of corn, don’t throw it in the dustbin. This mom found a super cute way to upcycle the corn cobs she had at home!

When the monsoon hits, the market is flooded with corn. Corn is like a staple in our house. Every time we throw those cobs, I keep thinking that something could be done for sure. So last week, I kept a few to dry. And this is what Adi and I made. 

I decided to use used corn cobs to experiment and make something he would love!. We had a fun day trying to use the corn or bhutta that we had at home. It was super fun. I have detailed how we did it below so you can give it a try before bhutta season finishes!

Things You Need

  • Corn Cobs
  • Water Colours
  • Used Beads
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Twigs
  • Glue gun


  • I initially dried three de-seeded cobs.
  • Then when I tried to split the wide end with a knife to make a mouth, it was too hard so I used a hammer instead. I separated the jaw and shaped it, to stick with hot glue at an angle like an open mouth. The jaw here was already dry so it didn’t curl up. I used two cobs to make the bodies of two crocodiles.
  • On the day of craft when I tried to split the third cob to make the tails I couldn’t easily. So I took a fresh cob and split using a hammer again. So after a day of glueing tails to the crocodiles, they dried up and curled as no more was there any force holding it to the core. The core was split into two before it dehydrated, right? New learning for me too
  • We used watercolours and they faded the next day after play. Acrylic would be a better pick but I wasn’t sure about the outcome and didn’t want to waste them Though I like the faded look. We didn’t colour the bottom to make it look more natural.
  • Beads were used to make the eyes.
  • I had some expired sunflower seeds and those came in handy for the claws.
  • Twigs from outside were stuck on as legs.

So the next time, when you are throwing something, STARE! Stare hard enough and think what it looks like or reminds you of and you might find all the inspiration you will need. What are you waiting for? Grab those corns and make those crocs. 

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