What Is Space Junk & Why Is It A Problem?

In this episode of I Am Not Bored, India’s leading Kids’ podcast, we are going to reveal how we have littered in outer space too. Space Sustainability needs more awareness! Stay tuned, and share these facts, and make them aware of their surroundings.

Litter. Waste. Waste Management. This is the conversation of the hour at home.

I have started to talking to my child about plastic, and what it is doing to the planet. I am backing it up by showing them pictures of landfills, and how they are overflowing with our junk. As a family, we have decided to weigh our waste, and we are so proud, we are eliminating, and looking for better alternatives.

About Space Junk:

But here’s the question – have we only littered on planet Earth? Well, there are approximately 23,000 pieces of such debris that are orbiting the Earth.

In this episode of I Am Not Bored, India’s leading podcast for kids, we are going to talk about:

  • Why waste in space dangerous
  • How are humans littering in the outer space
  • How is India helping in cleaning up the mess
  • A movie to that will help you understand concepts better
  • And more…

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