10 Reels Every Parent Must Watch

From lunchbox ideas and meal plans to parenting tips and podcasts, here are 10 of the best reels on Instagram that parents need to see.

Parenting reels on Instagram vary a lot, from fun crafting with kids and vacation vlogs to homework/reading struggles. Essentially it’s about parents sharing their struggles and experience with other parents who’re going through the exact same thing.

On the Kidsstoppress Instagram page we share EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING that’ll help simplify parenting- medical advice, traditional recipes, you name it… plus all the relatable, fun content to keep you sane on those extra stressful days.

From lunchbox ideas and meal plans to parenting tips and podcasts, here are 10 of the best reels from our Instagram page that parents need to see. Feel free to bookmark them for later or share them with a friend!

Here’s a look at 10 of our most popular reels that parents found super useful!

1. A Step-By-Step Undhiyu Recipe

Winter is here and we have a special dish for you today. Undhiyu is a one-pot vegetable dish that is the hallmark of Gujarati cuisine. Going back to our roots and not losing track of traditional recipes that we grew up eating is important to me. And my family loves it just as much as I do and that’s what I love!

2. A Nine Month Old Baby’s Meal Plan For A Day

Your little one’s meals will be quite basic at this point but what matters is that you offer a healthy variety. Of course, they may not always eat everything that you offer and there will be days when they may not finish their meal. But continue to offer them food consistently.

Experts say they should be given a particular food at least 20 times before you decide to take it off the menu. Like this reel? Share it and save it.

3. The Story Behind My Miss Anand, A 13 Year Old Content Creator-

Being a content creator and navigating the YouTube and Instagram space is difficult enough for an adult but Anantya Anand, a 13 year old creator is making it look like cake walk. Through a campaign in collaboration with Instagram we were able to sit down with Anantya and get her to spill all her secrets on how she did it all while managing school, extra-curriculars and a social life. This one’s a must watch-

4. Should You Pick Your Child’s Friends?

Don’t we all worry about the company our kids keep in school or outside? Does that make it wrong to want to have a part in choosing their friends?  How do we let them know and guide them without being too nosy in their lives? Watch the reel to see how  you can navigate this difficult step.

5. This Folding Technique Will Save You Closet Space

We know getting closets and dressers ready can be a hassle. Use this technique to save space while folding clothes!

6. Ever Wondered Why You’re An Angry Parent?

Anger is a normal human emotion. All parents get angry from time to time, I know I do. But it doesn’t make us bad parents or sad parents. It makes us… normal. But we must remember that if we can’t control our anger or if it happens too often, it can negatively affect our child. We need to find the balance, that keeps us afloat. Watch the reel to know my secret sauce of keeping my cool and parenting consciously.

7. Conjunctivitis In Kids! Here’s What You Need To Know

With a high number of pink eye/conjunctivitis cases flaring up across the country, we must be wary of the signs and symptoms of the viral infection. Dr. Nihar Parekh shares with us the causes, symptoms, treatments and some of the dos & don’ts you need to keep in mind to keep this infectious disease at bay.

8. Milk Spills While Boiling? Try This hack!

It happens every time I look away. I leave to answer the doorbell or pick up a phone call and come back to this mess. Never let that happen again. Save this hack to avoid spills when boiling. Try this out!

9. “You Need A Son To Complete Your Family”, Oh Really?

It’s a girl! Those three words can change your life. It changed mine. Those aunties won’t agree with us! They seem to have never-ending comments, and opinions about when we must get married, why we must try for a boy, how to live our lives. We talk about some of the absurd things people tell us about daughters and why they’re just plain wrong. Have you had a similar experience with someone telling you something similar you when you gave birth to your baby daughter? Tell us in the comments.

10. What To Expect When You Have Hand Foot And Mouth Disease

Hand Foot and Mouth disease, an extremely contagious disease is on the rise among kids. This is the day-by-day breakdown of what to expect when you contract the Hand Foot and Mouth disease. Save this post so you know exactly what to expect in case you contract HFMD.

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